Bali with a baby, Travel Tips

Bali is a popular tourist destination for everyone. That also means the family with a baby. But is Bali safe and baby/child-friendly? Yes, it certainly is. The locals love babies, they give special attention to you in restaurants, hotels, or just outside taking a walk.

Baby rental equipment in Bali

When you travel to Bali with a baby, you might not have all the stuff you actually want because your luggage was full, or you simply just forgot it. Have no fear, because Bali has some excellent shops. We have used the services ourselves to rent a baby seat for in the car, a high chair for in our room. We brought our own baby cot but this was also available to rent.

The website I can recommend is: Bali Baby Needs 

I have used Bali Baby Needs because they have brought the equipment and also picked it up. Besides this excellent service, they import their baby equipment from Australia. From our experience, we rented a baby seat in the car for 3 weeks, but in the end, we just used it for 5 days. With some proper planning, we could have saved a little bit of money, but it was a good vacation. We also rented a baby monitor, but we did not use it, the baby was always with us in the room, or we were together outside.

Choosing a hotel/resort with a baby

Bali hotel, pick a suitable for you and the baby
Resort in Bali by tonysung2 from Pixabay

A 3-star hotel/resort in Bali is often already comfortable and spacious. When you are renting a baby cot or crib, be sure the room is spacious enough. So the baby can also explore and crawl around. Make sure when using the air conditioner that it is not too cold inside because going from cold to warm (inside the room to outside), or vice versa, the baby can become sick, and the vacation is a lot less enjoyable.

Not all hotels have a baby crib available. So rent one when you need one, and they can deliver it to your hotel if it’s within a reasonable distance.

Baby needs and supermarkets in Bali

There are many supermarkets in Bali and some are even specialized in baby needs. Clandy’s is a chain with multiple stores across Bali specialized as a baby store for diapers, clothes, food. Then there are big supermarkets like Carrefour and Hypermarket that have a lot of baby stuff. There are also smaller supermarkets and 7/11 kind of shops called Alfamart, Indomaret, Cocomart and Circle K with limited baby supplies. Wherever you are in Bali, you can find baby needs in these places.

Map of supermarkets with baby needs in Bali

Places to avoid in Bali for your baby’s safety

Monkey looks often innocent, but beware
Monkeys can be naughty this one already stole a pair of glassess

Some areas are questionable to be with a baby due to safety reasons. First of all, I don’t think Monkey Forrest and Monkey Temple are safe places for a baby. There’s even a sign “Do not make eye contact!”, well a baby is naturally curious and might stare at the monkey. Monkeys are unpredictable. If you really want to visit these places, ask a local guide for protection.

Legian with a baby

Legian is also a place that I think is questionable because it’s a nightlife area. During the evenings you can’t walk somewhere without being blasted with 90-110+ decibel of music. This could be unpleasant for the baby and permanent hearing damage can develop from just walking around a little bit. During the day time, there is not such loud music fortunately so this is the moment to explore Legian then.

Tours not suitable for a baby in Bali

Some tours are not suitable for a baby. When you want to go diving, or hiking the mountains early in the morning wild water rafting, or cycling adventure, check if a babysitter can help you out. Some of the hotels have a babysitting service especially for couples to go on their half-day tours. But don’t leave your baby too long alone. Preferably when you are in a group of the family having a vacation, maybe some can stay behind with the baby. It feels much better having a family taking care of your baby.

Restaurants in Bali with a baby

In Bali restaurant with a baby already getting special attention
Babies quickly get special attention from the people in Bali

Restaurants in Bali often have a baby chair. Which is helpful if you want your baby to sit on a chair. However, there are plenty of restaurants where people can just smoke. Luckily several restaurants have a smoke free and air-conditioned area. The most baby-friendly places to eat are in Sanur, Nusa Dua and multiple restaurants scattered over the island. You can always call in advance and ask if they have a smoke free area.

The Beaches of Bali with a baby

On the Bali Beach looking for shade
At the Brawa Beach, looking for shade at a warung on the beach

Beaches are a lot of fun and joy. Do keep in mind that the sun is a bit more intense and that you apply some sunscreen or have some shadow. A cap, shirt already make sure not every bit of skin is directly exposed to the sun. The skin of your baby is more sensitive so when applying sunscreen make sure this is a baby-friendly product.

Another thing to keep in mind is always to keep an eye on your baby! Always! Because some beaches in Bali are super crowded, especially in Kuta. I have seen worried parents screaming the name of their child on top of their lungs, just to find their baby crying sitting in the sand. prevent this by just keeping an eye out for your kids and babies.

Going Around Bali with a baby

Going around Bali with a baby
In the Taxi for short distance

Going around is easy! You can hire grab car driver for 4hours or longer install your rented baby seat and go around your own tour. Visit the rice fields in Jatiluwih for example, or go and wonder in Ubud. You can also hire a private driver in Bali easily. This gives you much comfort, as there is no meter running. Most likely, you have a price already discussed to go around.

Most important tip when traveling with a baby to Bali

Bali with a baby in the countryside
Enjoying the Nature of Bali in the countryside

Be sure to enjoy as much as you can. You are all going to Bali for a vacation you have been waiting for. So don’t stress too much. Try to enjoy every bit of it. Also, read this article on why Indonesia is great for tourism.

Are you considering traveling to Bali with your baby? How was your experience?

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