Flying AirAsia with a baby. Something you should know

With a domestic flight from Bali to Yogyakarta, we chose to take AirAsia (because of the price). There are multiple airlines going there but the price is attractive. There are multiple flights per day going from Bali to Yogyakarta.

We flew with a group of 4: 3 adults and a baby. The booking was done together as well as the check-in.

Boarding the plane

Boarding was announced at 06:20 am, the flight was supposed to go at 07:20 am. After a smooth security check because of the early flight, we could immediately proceed to the gate. We heard the announcement and decide to skip the shopping area of the airport. There was a line formed already and we soon noticed that travelers with a baby do not get any priority.

After some announcement (by one of the staff) which was not audible 3 lines formed out of 2 lines. People from the back rushed to the front securing their position in the new line. With patience, we waited 20 minutes somewhere left in the back of the line before there was some movement. Since we are with a baby, and there is no priority we easily could have taken a seat and wait out the busy moment. So if you are flying with your baby with AirAsia, just take it easy and have a seat. There is no priority.

Our seats

We have booked the flights on one reservation. But we sit separately. This is very hard to do if you are with a baby. This experience traveling with Airasia with a baby has opened our eyes. How do you make milk alone while attending/holding the baby? How do you carry all the stuff alone? It’s hard and I see why normally families with a baby get a priority.

Ok, so we didn’t get priority I can live with that. But why do we sit so far from each other? That made no sense since we made the booking together and did the online check-in at the same time. The baby stuff was with one who wasn’t with the baby for example, because you want to have help carrying all the luggage and stuff. Yes, we could have checked easily if the seats were together, but we didn’t. Just a wrong assumption that if you book together, check-in together, you can also sit together,

During Taxi we have resolved the issue by switching with another passenger. Everyone enjoyed the company of our baby.

How to solve such an issue

AirAsia actually allows you to buy your seats when checking in. Only then can you guarantee you will be sitting together. The cost of one seat varies from 16900 IDR to 106900 IDR (1.15$ – 8$)

On our way back for comfort reasons, we intend to pay the additional fee.

The flight experience from Bali to Yogyakarta with a baby and flying AirAsia

smiling baby on airasia flight

The flight took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. During the flight you are offered to purchase a meal or some drinks. You can also pre-purchase your meal (online) if you already know that you want to eat. The people sitting around us were charmed by our baby. The people around us made an effort to make the baby smile and laugh. Everyone loved that. It made the travel seem faster than 1 hour. Keep your baby happy and well-fed during the flight, it will be more comfortable for everyone.

So lesson learned, always check if you are sitting together, don’t assume that when you book together, check-in together, that you will also sit together. If you don’t sit together pre-purchase your seats, as they are not expensive at all. We hope this helps.


On our way back we all sat together. Upon online check-in, we noticed all our seats were together and we did not need to pay anything extra.

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