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Virtual Reality games are constantly getting better. The thought has been crossing my mind several times over the last few years. How would it be? A group has asked me to join them. In the VR arcade you will have about 200 square meters (slightly more than 650 ft) to use. This makes it great, it’s not that stationary and it causes less dizziness.

VR Arcade Amsterdam  200m2m
VR Arcade 200m2 to use

The Main Games: Zombies or Aliens?

The main games are First Person shooter in Virtual Reality. You can choose either to do the Zombie game or the Aliens. There is little difference in level design from what I have heard. You will have to shoot your way out through the waves to get to the next level. Every level is designed differently. The main difference between Zombies and Aliens is that the Aliens are shooting back. For us the choice was easy: we’ll do Zombies.

The VR Gear

VR arcade gear. A gun and a battery backpack
VR Gear

The game was explained first at the waiting lounge. Here they explained how the Gun works. Basically you have a trigger button, and a reload switch. The rifle has a lot more buttons. But these do nothing. The clip of the riffle you are holding is the battery pack.

When entering the room where you have 200m2 to move around You will get a armor and the vr gear. The armor weight is about 4kg I estimate. It’s for the battery of the Virtual Reality head set.

Zombie Survival and weapons guide

Zombie survival and weapons guide

If you like left 4 dead the game, you will like this VR experience. After gearing up you will stand on X-marks the spot. A short briefing starts. I was overwhelmed about the experience of being in a totally different world. During the briefing look behind you and equip a weapon by holding your weapon in your hand against it. Every few waves you can change the weapon. The choices of weapon are:

Shotgun, great for short distance 1 shot to blow away a normal beginner zombie. Your ammo is 25 before you would need to reload
Assault rifle, great for medium and long distances. Ammo 50, before you need to reload.
Sniper, this has only 7 bullets, but the bullets pierce the enemies.

After the briefing shoot the red bell, it turns green. Your level starts. Survive the wave of zombies by killing them.

Tips on VR Arcade. What to look out for!

VR Arcade what to look out for. Tips and tricks for VR Arcade

Team up, be with at least 2 – 5 people. Having more people is more fun and sharing the VR Experience is also something you will be talking about.

Use the lockers to put in your coat and excessive clothing. It’s going to be 20 minutes of moving around in real life and in Virtual reality.

Every level has different entry points where the Zombies would come from. Just have your team spread evenly to handle the hordes of zombies coming in.

Reloading cost time! It took my a while to figure this out but don’t reload after a kill and still more are coming. When you press the reload button, your ammo drops to 0, and you need another second or more to have a full clip again.

Balance your party/team with a sniper at least and shotgun user and rifle user. We did not have a sniper on our team, because of the 7 bullets in a clip. But these 7 bullets can easily kill more than just 7 zombies.

The boss at the end has a kind of a timer, walking towards the room you and your team is. As soon as he enters the room, you and your party die, instantly.

If your gear, reload doesn’t work, press the help button ASAP. or else you will loose too much time trying to reload and it doesn’t work anyway.

Cost on VR Arcade

20 Minutes cost 39.95 euro. It’s pretty steep but if you can afford it, it’s worth it. My party did this already for the second time and they plan several more.

Do however reserve a time slot. Contact the arcade and make a reservation. There are some people probably busy or waiting when you arrive. Having a reservation guarantees that you don’t need to wait to long.

After each session you can collect stamps, every 4 stamp allows you to have a free session.

The beers are around 3-4 euro.

Not Enough? More games available!

More VR games

There are 2 computers available to play multiple VR games. If killing the aliens or zombies wasn’t enough you can do this VR experience. however it’s a lot less mobile, since you don’t really need to walk. Other than that you can play pool before or after. Some pinball machine and a boxing arcade.

What’s also fun is to see other people play. You can watch on the TV how they progress through the Zombie/Alien hordes. It’s funny to see how they walk and react to different levels.


It’s a very fun experience! Just make sure your gear works fine before starting and enjoy the time you spend there. The Experience itself is life-like and the next generation of gaming is here now.

You can experience this arcade game in: Delft, Helmond, Apeldoorn and Amsterdam. Check out the locations for VR Gaming in the Netherlands.

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