Bali has re-opened for a while now and I am switching to how it is post-pandemic

After almost 2 years, the island of Gods, Bali has reopened. I am happy because it brings the livelihood back into the island. A lot has happened since April, when the tourists started pouring in.

Interested travelling to Bali or other parts of Indonesia? Do read about the entry requirements for Bali and other parts of Indonesia.

Airplanes were filled with vacation eager people, waiting for their Holiday. Now a lot has changed, some restaurants didn’t reopen (yet, even now in September 2022) and the same goes for hotels.

So I have been traveling myself around the island, collecting all kinds of useful information about Traveling Bali post-covid. I have decided to try new things this year, I have tried out several hotels from Kuta to Amed, and I can’t wait to share this with you.

Bali traffic

Why am I doing this? A lot has changed, I continued my work as a tour operator, but I also started going restaurants, hotels because not everything is the same. It’s also not like I am going every day, I am able to go only a couple of times per week.

So far I have noticed the following:

  • a lot of new staff is coming back and have been training on the job
  • because of new staff, some things might be unexpected
  • In the service industry, people (staff) sometimes still wear masks, and so do the guests
  • Traffic in Ubud and Canggu has become the worst!
  • A lot of hotels still have very cheap prices for their accommodation to attract guests

So stay tuned all and wait for my Amed adventure, my 4-star hotel in Kuta without Windows, and the beaches around. Let’s not forget the healthy (vegan/vegetarian) restaurants from Ubud. And I got a treat for you who like to travel by Bus. I am taking a luxury bus ride to Yogyakarta from Bali. This takes around 15 hours! That will be some review I will be making.

I can’t wait to share my recommendations with you, and I will endeavour to release 1-2 new posts filled with lots of information handy for you travelers. May Taletravel live again, the pandemic was really hard, and I am excited to see this island come back to live again.

I will also share about restaurants in Seminyak, Legian and Kuta that unfortunately closed permanently, like the McDonalds that was open for 20+ years and now is closed at Kuta. Same goes for the top hotels that are closed. I remember they even tried to sell those Instagrammable hotels, lots of hotels were for sale because almost all the assets in Bali were a liability for more than 2 years.

To everyone coming (back) to Bali for a holiday, thank you and welcome!

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