New: Skydiving in Bali (Indoor)

Are you a thrill-seeker? Indoor skydiving is a great experience to try and it’s new to Bali since May 2019. Even though you are not jumping out of a plane, you get to fly and have the feeling of it. When you are more experienced you can even do some cool moves mid-air without touching the ground for several minutes. This would require some practice.

Disclaimer: The images in this article are from Fly Station Bali and their Instagram @baliaero. This is not a promotional post and there is no affiliate link.

Advantages of indoor skydiving?

Indoor SKydiving Bali TaleTravels

You don’t need to arrange a plane, fuel, pilot and all involved with skydiving from the plane. Also, an important thing is that you do not need to worry about when to pull the cord for your parachute. Indoor skydiving is a great way to get a similar feeling without fear. If you plan to do some skydiving in the near future, start with indoor and if you’re in Bali why not try it now?

Another great advantage is that you can learn how to move through the air. With slight movements, you can change the position of your body and in turn, you can follow-up with more movements to look awesome for everyone to see. Just make sure your friend is filming you 🙂

The activity is meant for almost everyone. The age restriction is from 4-70 and you have to be below 100kg. Other than that enquire first before flying if you had any injury or medical condition with the contact information below.

Where is indoor skydiving in Bali?

  • The address: Jl. Sunset Road No.555, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
  • Website:
  • phone number: +62 877 5921 2127

The location is next to Sunset Road, Bali Brasco. Krishna Oleh-Oleh is also nearby. The price of skydiving starts at 55 USD (770k IDR)

Tips for beginners

Don’t expect to immediately start. You will get some instructions first for safety reasons, this is called the pre-flight briefing. This is when you also learn about the gear you get to wear (flight suit, earplugs, goggles, helmet). Then you will do some practice outside the wind tunnel. This is where you will learn the movements to go up/down or vertical/horizontal.

  • Looking up: You will go down more, as you create less air resistance
  • Looking down: Creating more air resistance and you will go up
  • Extending arms with palm down allow you to steer a bit

In the begin, you spend most effort not to spin out of control. No worries you will receive expert help from your instructors. You are not alone and with some time and practice, you will amaze yourself. The last and best tip is to enjoy every bit of the experience of the indoor skydiving experience.

Video of indoor Skydiving in Bali

Is skydiving from the plane possible in Bali?

In short, the answer is no. It is not possible to do skydiving from the plane in Bali. But going for the indoor experience is a great alternative and it’s a lot less hassle.

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