Things to do in Bali with a baby: Trans Studio Mall

It can be hard looking to do something for your baby in Bali. One of the options that many locals do I have noticed is visiting the mall. We have been checking out Trans Studio Mall in Bali. The newest addition built at Jalan Imam Bonjol. So what can you expect of this mall? Why do many people come here with their baby/child?

Trans Studio Mall

The newest mall sparkles of modern vibes, bright lights and many things to see and buy. The mall has a huge square in the back for (promotional) events. There are many restaurants, clothing stores, jewelry stores, and a sports store. Besides shopping, there is a cinema, theatre, and an arcade. great There are 2 floors accessible by escalator and elevator. The 2 lower floors are for parking. Carre four is also available and takes up 2 floors as it is big.

A baby and child-friendly activity

So how come many people bring their baby/children to the mall? This mall can be a full day of activity. For clothes, you can choose one of the many clothing stores. When you want to seat, there are plenty around and you can eat many different foods. There are several Japanese restaurants for sushi, Chinese restaurants for Chinese food. Local food can be found all over. A wendy’s if you are feeling like fast food, so there are plenty of things to eat and try. Most important off all, it’s a non-smoking area inside. This is what attracts a lot of families. The environment looks nice for picture taking, clean air, and many activities.

Local and Japanese food in Trans Studio Mall

We tried some food. To judge a new place, a simple dish can be tasted to see how it is actually. But since we are with a family day out we tried different kinds of food.

I was attracted by a beautiful picture and an even better price for Nasi Goreng Special. Istimiwa as locals says to indicate that it is special. Well, when I received my order my jaw dropped. As the presentation on the picture showed me a beautiful well-decorated bowl with Nasi Goreng I get to add another piece of plastic with Nasi Goreng. As for dining in, I find the use of plastic wasteful for this. The taste was bland as well, it tastes like everything was quickly and mass-produced on an assembly line. The sushi had a similar feeling. So that was nothing special.

The Arcade was packed with children playing games

We walked around and enjoyed the decoration at the mall. The Arcade was packed with children trying to win as many tickets as possible by playing games in turn to retrieve their price. It looked like a lot of fun for everyone as you can see everyone winning some tickets. It seems like a good way to entertain the kids. Lights are flashing everywhere and wherever you look, you would be distracted by some machine making sounds, or someone playing some games.

Trying some more food: Bakso

After walking around our eyes caught the Bakso restaurant. Because it is a well known local food and maybe this would put our minds over the sushi and nasi goreng. So after looking at pictures my eyes caught the yamin hitam, some black mysterious noodles as it would say on the menu, and salty egg sauce on bakso with rice.

There were some tiny pieces of eggshell in the salty egg sauce, and the sauce was not a lot. The taste was very bland of the sauce. The dish was not well balanced, there was much more rice left over at the end. The Yamin Hitam, was unstirred noodles, it was salty on one side and looked very pale compared to the picture on their display. It tasted like salt and perhaps some vetsin (MSG). The bakso rawon was also nothing special. Just bakso, and then some rawon paste was mixed in the soup. That was around 100k IDR. Conclusion: We will not be doing this next time.

All you can eat Wagyu in Bali

This is what I am coming back for. In the Mall, there is a wagyu restaurant in the form of all you can eat for 90 minutes. You can find it on the second floor. The prices vary for Child, Adult and Senior. Since it is an all you can eat, we will plan this for another time. I forgot the restaurant name but I took a picture of the all you can eat menu.

All you can eat wagy menu bali trans mall

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