Travel tips to Bali

If you are traveling to Bali it is always useful to prepare a little bit. Our travel tips are meant for everyone going to Bali for a honeymoon, vacation or just a getaway. These tips will prepare you for experiencing Bali at its best, no matter how long you stay.

Visa in Indonesia

Do not overstay Visa of Indonesia

Do not overstay your visa. The penalty used to be 25$ and this changed recently mid-2019 to 70$ per 24h that you overstay. Bali is fun and all but and the temptation to change your return flight and risking to overstay your visa is not something you want to do. You can extend your visa if you paid for the Visa On Arrival. If you took the free one then you will have to do a visa run.

Bringing too much medicine in Bali

Travel tips to bali about Medicine. Do not bring too much medicine

If you have a medication passport you should only bring what you need. Bringing more can raise doubts and raise red flags. If you have prescription medicine and do not have a medicine passport for this, be sure to get one from your doctor before going into Bali or Indonesia.

Travel tips to Bali about Drugs / CBD oil for your vape

Travel tips to Bali about Drugs. No Drugs in Bali Indonesia

Trafficking drugs carry the sentence of the death penalty. Somehow I read often about how people bring drugs or CBD oil for the vaper. The penalties are harsh even for the smallest amounts. Not worth the trouble. Besides you are going to be on a paradise island, enjoy that instead. Also, do not buy any substances offered on the street here. Simply walk away and ignore offers like that.

Bringing Alcohol/Liquor to Bali

Travel tips to bali about liquor. Only 1 Liter liquor in luggage to go to Indonesia

Because of the import law on this, you are allowed only 1 Liter of strong liquor. Due to heavy taxes on alcoholic consumption, it is tempting to bring a bottle of whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum. But you got to limit it to 1 Bottle of 1 liter per person. Bringing more can result in fine and confiscation. If you travel in a group just split the bottles in the luggage carefully.

Brand new and still in a sealed box electronics

Realme 5 box

The import law on this is also pretty strict. If you bring in a new laptop/phone still in the (sealed) box and the customs find it, you have to pay the same amount as the laptop/phone just to keep it. Or else it will be confiscated. The import law on luxury electronics and goods are pretty hefty. You might want to visit your friend and give a nice expensive gift. But that might end up being a bad idea when you got to pay again at the customs.

Money – set your ATM card for worldwide withdrawal

There are ATM machines all over the island. On the neighboring smaller islands there are fewer. When planning a trip to Nusa Lembongan, Gili Islands, make sure to have some cash at hand as their ATM machines might go out of order or defective.

Bali can be a luxury destination and can become expensive very fast due to lavishly eating at fancy restaurants. Taking tours with a private driver and the cost of a hotel. Some prices you see are excluding VAT / Service costs as well in restaurants. Just be sure to have enough money. There have been cases of mental break downs of tourists who ran out of money on the island. The average spending per person as a tourist per day can easily go to 100$ plus depending on how luxurious you are making it for yourselves.

Make an itinerary

This is one of the most underestimated travel tips for Bali. The island has much to offer and it could take months to see all that Bali has to offer. Yes, you can probably rush it in some weeks, but I doubt you will enjoy that way. Make a plan of what you want to do and see. Make a map with the places to go, so you can plan your trip efficiently not losing too much time traveling back and forward. Making an itinerary will help you set goals. Maybe you will want to skip some of the things when you are actually in Bali that’s ok, just try to see and taste some of the Balinese culture.

A Check-list what to bring to Bali

  • Passport
  • Sunscreen
  • Your summer clothes
  • Your beach and swimwear
  • Toothbrush
  • Sandals or light and breathable footwear
  • Phone, wallet, money & credit card
  • Swimming gear (goggles, fins)
  • Camera

Leave behind your stress and work. It is time to enjoy Bali.

A Check-list what you can buy in Bali

  • Sim card with internet
  • Anti Mosquito cream
  • Souvenirs

Ok, I hope you did not forget anything and this was a helpful article. Also, check what you kinds of food you should try in Bali

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