Best 3-star hotels in Amsterdam city center 10 picks (updated 2020)

There are plenty of 3-star hotels in Amsterdam and it can be a bit troublesome to find one suitable. We’ve made a list based on value for money, a decent location near and in the city center of Amsterdam, and a good price for 3-star hotels. No hostels are listed here. Check out the best hotels in Amsterdam as well.

The prices serve as an indication. The actual prices will show when you enter the date of the booking. A friendly reminder that these prices are most of the time excluding any meal.

Expectations of 3-star hotels in Amsterdam

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The definition of 3-star hotels in Amsterdam might have a different meaning than you think. Some would expect a swimming pool, but this is not standard. A gym, well sometimes it really depends. At 3 stars you just get slightly better service and comfort with some basic amenities. The room space can be very tight as Amsterdam has a lot of old buildings dating back several centuries. Ok, are the expectations set? Let’s look at the top 10 for 2020. The list ranks from most popular with bang for buck (value for money) in the center of Amsterdam.

Hotel Casa Amsterdam

This hotel is within a few minutes’ walk to Amstel station. At this station, you can quickly get to the center of Amsterdam (10 minutes tops with metro). The rooms of this hotel are spacious 23 – 36 square meters. This hotel attracts a mix of people traveling for work and vacation in Amsterdam. Ranked on this list as number one. Great service, near public transport, good rooms, you will get your value for money here.

Volkshotel 3-star

Volkshotel 3-star hotel in Amsterdam TaleTravels
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At the Wibautstraat just 4 metro-stops to Amsterdam Central, this hotel is great to stay at for multiple reasons besides the location. Their bar, great food, and beers. They serve Natte and Zatte which are pretty strong beers. They have rooms for a small budget and bigger rooms for more luxury and space. This hotel has a total of 192 rooms and is pet-friendly. It can be pretty lively because they host some activities for clubbing, listening to music and workshops for yoga. Find more about this on their website.

MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam Amstel

Next to Amstel Station, this hotel offers 186 rooms. Part of this is a dormitory for travelers on a budget. The hotel has a bar, pool table and friendly service. It’s a practical hotel for a less costly price compared to the hotels in the city center. Great for families as they can enter the city center of Amsterdam and nearby would be the hotel to rest.

Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam City

Next to the famous Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the Leonardo Hotel. Rooms are 12, 19 or 27 square meters, depending on what room you take. This hotel is practically in the center near Museum Plein. So are you planning to visit museums of Amsterdam then this is a good choice. Besides that you are close to nightlife but not close enough that you are bothered with it. The area is calm residential place.

Conscious 3-star Hotel Vondel Park

Conscious 3-stars Hotel Vondel Park

On the far side of Vondel Park, there is Conscious Hotel Vondel Park. If you want to support sustainable companies, and in this case a hotel, then you can take this one (or the next, Conscious Hotel The Tire Station).

All their materials, everything is thought off to be as sustainable as possible. They prefer Cradto-to-cradle materials, wood from managed forests and second-hand things. The food is organic and the staff wears eco-friendly clothing. The day to day process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Conscious Hotel The Tire Station

The Tire Station - 3 star hotel in Amsterdam

Additional to what is mentioned in the Conscious Hotel Vondel Park, this one has solar panels. It’s basically next to this hotel so with the same location enjoy this sustainable way of traveling.

The Arcade Hotel

This hotel focusses on gamers. Consoles in the room, board games, consoles, and VR in the game room lounge. Try the room for free for 1 hour or pay 10 euro for unlimited access. The hotel is south of Sarphati Park, near the Albert Cuyp Market and the Heineken Experience. After long walks in the city, recover by gaming at this hotel.

Max Brown Hotel Museum Square

A hotel minutes away from the main cultural and art museums. The famous van Gogh just a stroll away. This museum caters well to art lovers. rooms vary from 13 – 27 square meters. Max Brown is near a lot of sightseeing in Amsterdam and comes with great service. This hotel is slightly more expensive then the others listed here but that is because of a premium location with nice restaurants and bars nearby.

Hotel Iron Horse

Staying in this accommodation has the advantage of being close to the city center. Minutes away from Leidseplein with all the bars and restaurants. Or Overtoom 301 which is a cool place for hanging out, beer and some days ping-pong. Vondelpark is walking distance away, so on nice sunny days, you can have a stroll here.

Hotel Not Hotel

Cozy and creative rooms, situated in Amsterdam West. You can take the tram to the center. Hotel Not Hotel brings a new concept as you wake up in an art exhibition. It’s tiny, you’re warned but it’s just something totally different to experience.

Honorable Mentions for 3-star hotels in Amsterdam

These 6 hotels are a list of honorable mentions that are still within the ring but did not make it to the top 10 of our list. If the 10 hotels did not seem appealing to you then you can try to look up one of these:

  • Hotel Mosaic Amsterdam
  • Hotel Alexander
  • The Muse Amsterdam – Boutique Hotel
  • Owl Hotel
  • Hotel Nicolaas Witsen
  • Hotel no. 377 House

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