Romantic things to do in Amsterdam. 10 Amazing picks

Couples, Honeymooners on vacation or romantic getaway in Amsterdam this is your chance. This is about the most romantic things to do in Amsterdam. So for the gentlemen and ladies planning some grand gesture, or you want to spoil each other then you have come to the right place. TaleTravels presents 10 picks that will make your stay exciting, romantic and adventurous. Be closer to your loved ones in (the most) romantic city of Europe.

A couple massage at the spa

Have a relaxing massage at the spa. As a couple, you will enter the same room and be pampered together. While you are enjoying each other company, you are also getting rid of all the stress from the muscles. After such a good massage together you will have much more energy and you might even feel like a new person. Massage is on top of our list because this is an underrated romantic thing to do together.

  • Glowwell SPA
    • Phone number: +31 20 785 0820
    • What does a Couple massage cost: € 105
  • Massage Marin
    • Phone number: +31 6 38358185
    • What does it cost: € 155

Two Spa’s have been listed, both are recommended. Glowwell is near Heineken Experience, and Massage Marin is closer to Amsterdam Central Station. Making a reservation is a must for a couple massage.

A romantic dinner at the skyline of Amsterdam

Ciel Bleu romantic restaurant at Okura Hotel

There is no doubt that this is a romantic gesture. Dining at the skyline of Amsterdam. There are several locations to do this for different kinds of budgets.

Ciel Bleu

This is a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant on the 23rd floor of Okura Hotel. Since it’s a 2 Michelin star you can expect the finest of dining in Amsterdam but also a panoramic view. The price, of course, is premium as it can be.


A much cheaper alternative is the SkyLounge, although it’s more of simple bites and snacks you would still enjoy a very nice and romantic view of Amsterdam. The location is also close to the Central Station, DoubleTree Hilton.

Restaurant Babel

This is a hidden gem from most tourists. This restaurant (which is very affordable) is on the 7th floor of the public library of Amsterdam. You still have a stunning view and a good time together. Experience the romantic view of Amsterdam Central, this is basically next to SkyLounge.

If money is no issue for you then dine at Ciel Bleu. If you only want the view without the expenses of dining, they do have a bar next to Ciel Bleu called Twenty Third Bar. For those on a tighter budget, you can visit the Restaurant Babel at the public library.

Romantic Sunset of Amsterdam at the skyline

Romantic skyline view of Amsterdam

At the Amsterdam Lookout, you would already need to € 12.50 to enter, Add another € 5 to this to access the swing. On the twentieth floor, you will swing with a view you cannot forget. Enjoy the sunset from here as well. A nice and romantic view, but it can get crowded. Besides the swing and view, you can also dine here and spend some time together.

  • Location (Take a ferry which is free from Amsterdam Central to North)
  • Website:
  • Cost: Estimated 17.50+ per person to get in and go on the swing

Romantic walk along the streets & canals of Amsterdam

Walking the romantic views of Amsterdam

Shopping, sightseeing and enjoying Amsterdam on foot. You see more by walking and by being together you can enjoy and share this moment with each other. There are several great area’s for shopping: Kalverstraat, Nieuwendijk, P.C. Hooftstraat (for designer brands). Walking these streets allows you to stop at any bridge, building, canal and take breathtaking pictures and memories. You will get to see many places like the Dam Square, Palace, Old Canal buildings and the list goes on. So hold hands and walk new memories with each other down this lane.

Romantic dinner while on a canal tour

Amsterdam canals Lovers boat

Dinner is optional but as a couple, you can experience the canal tour in a private setting or in a group setting. If you don’t mind other people being on the boat check this out for best canal cruise you would like. For a private tour check out Private Boat Tours or floating Amsterdam. You would need to contact these companies to tailor-make your private romantic event.

Dress up for a fancy cocktail

Did you bring a cocktail outfit/suit? Then look fancy while enjoying a cocktail in Bar TwentySeven. This Bar belongs to one of the best bars in Amsterdam and features tailor-made cocktails by expert mixologists and decor that brings you to a different world all together. Having a fancy outfit is not a must, but most people coming here do dress up for the occasion.

Amsterdam Light Festival (Winter)

Amsterdam Light Festival is where parts of Amsterdam is decorated with artful light. Discover the places together and walk from place to place. Or most canal cruises actually visit the decorated places. A romantic

Snuggle up during a movie

Recommended is to go to Pathe Tuschinski, but any Pathe Cinema in Amsterdam is ok. Watch a movie for a date night. Action movies, Romantic Comedies, or a thriller/horror movie. Whatever the genre is cuddle and enjoy watching a cinematic experience together.

Another great and romantic setting is a rooftop movie night. Depending on weather and time of year you could actually go up on the roof and watch a movie outdoors.

Book a night at one of the best hotels

Romantic hotel Amsterdam
Image by hotel Okura

It goes without saying but having a nice hotel is a must. Hotel Okura offers a romantic getaway package which includes:

  • Overnight stay in the room type of your choice
  • One bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne upon arrival.
  • Strawberry platter upon arrival.
  • 1 hr Swedish massage of 60 minutes in the duo treatment room with rose petals and candlelight.
  • Access to Nagomi Health, with indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym and saunas.
  • A lavish breakfast buffet at Le Camelia, including a Japanese breakfast section.

All this for 480 euro. read more about this romantic getaway package from Okura. With this package, you can immediately cross of the first on this list, the couple massage.

There are a lot of high-end hotels that are suitable for a romantic getaway. They have been added to the Best Hotels of Amsterdam

Get inspired at the red light district

Amsterdam Red Light District

Besides looking through the looking glass (window), go further down the rabbit hole by walking around and see the shops at Red Light District. There are a lot of accessories for sale to spice up things for couples. Buying is optional, but it’s harmless to look around in the stores and be inspired. Well, in any case, it’s a great and historical place to walk. Learn more about red-light district.

So what romantic things did you do in Amsterdam? Leave a comment and it might be added to this list.

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