10 Delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. A mouthwatering experience for even meat-eaters.

“Vegenuary” is almost over and some will decide to keep on going or eat at least more often vegetarian. Being a vegan/vegetarian used to be hard, and it still can be depending on where you are. Many restaurants don’t offer an option for this. There are restaurants with little vegetarian options and they simply look unattractive as food. Luckily vegetarian and vegan food becomes more accessible over time. Here are 10 best and delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. Restaurants with meat on their menu are not taken into consideration. (If you’re wondering what Vegenuary is: it is the month January where some people would eat only vegetarian or vegan food)


vegan food from Hearth Amsterdam
Image from hearthamsterdam.nl

This charming place is more than just a restaurant. You can buy art, home goods, and their home branded streetwear. This place is passionate about being as sustainable* as possible. The art for sale at Hearth consists of stunning photographs, very limited and creative. You could say they put their Hearth and soul into this place. It is recommended to make a reservation.

What do the guests like at Hearth?

It’s a very chilled atmosphere. The service is great and guests do notice that the people working here do enjoy being there. The food has a lot of thought and care put in to. It’s very creative, tasty and even non-vegetarian or non-vegans do love the flavors of the food. The decoration is charming and cozy.

Recommended dishes from Hearth

Recommended by the restaurant is:

  • Handmade Spirulina Blue Taglioni with Almond Lemon Sauce, Bell Peppers & Cashew Cheese (18 euro)
  • Falafel Wafel served with Spinach, Guacamole and Vegan Aioli (10 euro)
  • Vegan Sushi of Black Quinoa, Avocado, Tofu, Spring Onions and Wasabi Mayo (10 euro)

Recommended by the guests:

The guests did love the sushi, pasta and falafel wafel. However, do not forget to order the Tiramisu as well. Some of these orders take some time to make, but they’re well worth the taste experience.

*As a personal message from TaleTravels: Avocado is not a sustainable product. But we do admire the passion this restaurant has.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk food Bar Amsterdam
Image from veganjunkfoodbar.com

The Vegan Junk Food Bar has 5 restaurants. In Amsterdam, there are 4 and in Rotterdam, you can find 1. Unfortunately, you cannot make any reservations at this place, but you can always check upfront by calling them if they have space. In 2017 they started the first restaurant “Westside” and now 3 years later they’re about to expand to Barcelona. Shortly after the opening, this place won 2 vegan awards!

Their mission and vision: ‘We love the planet and we have a strong belief that a plant-based lifestyle is the only right ethical option’. Plant-based alternatives are a huge benefit to both our planet and health. Eating junk food is one of the big pleasures in life. There is no compromise to taste, texture, and quality on any of their products. The moment you step into one of their establishments, you will notice an edgy-chic environment with street art. With some old-school R&B and hip-hop, they create a laidback atmosphere.

TIP: No Cash! you got to use your ATM card (or Visa/Mastercard) to pay. They don’t accept American Express. It’s a popular place, so often you have got to wait for a table.

What do guests like at Vegan Junk Food Bar?

Funky decor with music on the background. The service, in general, is great with some mishaps here and there which can happen. Because of its popularity, there is some waiting time, but the burgers are well worth it.

Recommended dishes at Vegan Junk Food Bar

Kapsalon and burgers are recommended. According to one non-vegan, the kapsalon here is even better than a normal kapsalon with real meat.

The Dutch Weed Burger (Vegan)

The Dutch Weed Burger Amsterdam Vegan food
image from dutchweedburger.com

Located in Amsterdam North is The Dutch Weed Burger. Their slogan ” Changing the way we eat, one bite at a time!“, is part of their mission statement. This restaurant wants to show everyone, that there are different opportunities and ways that improve nature, animal and human life. This restaurant was inspired by a trip to New York where one of the co-owners went eating at different vegan restaurants. The taste sensation was new and surprisingly delicious. The Dutch Weed Burger started in 2012, where they grow their food and enrich their tastes with seaweed and different greens. Now as of 2020 more than 200 restaurants in The Netherlands sell their vegan burgers, nuggets, and hotdogs.

Recommendations at The Dutch Weed Burger

Well number one the Burger itself, but don’t stop there also try their nuggets and hotdogs. Their products are interesting and all plant-based. Some would call it a guilt-free way of eating for something so delicious.

Loving Hut – Vegan House

You might have heard about Loving Hut. They have over 200 different locations in major cities in the world. It is the fastest-growing vegan restaurant chain. Each of the establishments chooses its own menu, making every restaurant unique. All the Loving Hut restaurants use only plant-based ingredients.

What did the people like at Loving Hut Amsterdam

A cozy nice atmosphere with simple interior decoration made mostly from wood. The portions of the food are large for a reasonable price. Repeatedly guests would mention that they like the cruelty free food, but it’s vegan so it’s supposed to be like that. Other than that there is no real recommendation, but a lot of options to choose from with nice explosive tastes.

Men Impossible

Walking distance from Leidseplein is Men Impossible. This tasty Japanese Vegan Restaurant specializes in Ramen (Noodles, but not the normal ones). They offer an alternative solution for meat-free food in the form of Ramen and other Japanese tasty vegan food as appetizers. Do make a reservation before coming here, this is required.

What did the guests like at Men Impossible

They like the knowledgable staff about the food they make. The appetizers and ramen are surprisingly tasty. A very home feeling experience as the staff is very hospitable. The dining experience itself in few words: excellent service with great tastes. You can be surprised at how vegan food can taste like.

Mooshka Vegan Soul Food

Mooshka Vegan Soul Food Amsterdam
image from mooshka.nl

Unchanged recipes and all plant-based. Mooshka offers Soul food Vegan meals from the Carribean and African region that will bring nostalgic feelings. Their cooking is comparable to mothers cooking who will put in plenty of love in the dishes. The location is walking distance from Sarphati Park.

What did people like at Mooshka

The burgers and shawarmas! next to a polite service, the food tastes exceptional.

Marits Eetkamer

Martis dining vegan
Image from maritseetkamer.nl

Marits Eetkamer means Marit’s dining room. They offer a 4-set course meal. This meal changes every time depending on what they can buy. Their ingredients are all environmentally friendly. Most ingredients and products are organic, local products and fair trade.

What did people like at Marits dining room

Very tasty and creative dishes. Although they change the menu each time, just take the 4-course meal. If you are concerned with what is on the menu, I suggest calling or contacting them through the website.

Vegetarische Restaurant Betty’s

Betty Vegetarian restaurant
image from bettys.nl

Betty’s is a veteran amongst the vegetarian restaurants. They’ve been at it since 1988, and are still making very good tasty vegetarian or vegan dishes. Their dishes are inspired by their travels. The ingredients are from places and people they’ve met along their travels and network.

What did people like at Betty’s

Creative and well-thought dishes are prepared. They change often their menu to deliver the best and freshest ingredients. When a plate comes, a full explanation is delivered as well. The owners who run this place are very nice and put a lot of love and passion into their vegetarian/vegan dishes.

Bonboon (Vegan)

Bonboon Vegan restaurant
image from bonboon.nl

On the KNSM-island in Amsterdam is this vegan restaurant. The dream of Bonboon is to let people eat delicious food without the need for animals. Within 1 year of opening, Bonboon was one of 7 restaurants to be nominated for the Best vegan restaurant of the Netherlands. This says something about the quality of food they deliver. They do change their menu once every 3 months, it keeps guests returning for more delicious tastes.

What did the Guests like at Bonboon

A small cozy restaurant with very delicious and tasty dishes. The service is friendly and very professional. The food is delivered with a nice presentation.

De Peper

This restaurant is run by volunteers at the popular Overtoom 301. The prices are very affordable as it is a non-profit and non-commercial vegan project. Since it is run by volunteers the chefs and people change frequently. This place is only open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (18:00 – 01:00, except Fridays then it’s until 03:00)

What do people like at De Peper

The vegan food is cheap compared to other restaurants (around 10 euro at De Peper). The idea that this is a non-profit makes it also extra attractive. There can be a band or music playing but the music is not too loud.

Do you have a favorite Vegan or Vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam? Please do share it with us by commenting below

Map of the Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam

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