SEO Secrets #1: Keyword tools for free online Simplified

With the coronavirus, I have decided to sharpen my skills for SEO. This will be a new category on my travel blog for those looking to start their own blog or website that works in any niche. I have been working every day working with free SEO keyword tools and managed to get the best out of it.

I already make the assumption you know the general idea behind SEO, Search Engine Optimization. I also assume you know how to use keywords. It is just for getting more traffic via the search engines. This is called organic traffic.

This article will explain the simple technique or guide that I have refined over the last year. I have been self-educated on this topic, and I think I am doing fine. Looking at the results of my Google Analytics and Google Search Console, I can make the assumption that with the consistent growth of traffic, even during the pandemic, I have been doing the right thing. The right thing in SEO is a pretty big picture, so I am only focussing on picking a keyword in a very simple way.

Researching the right keywords using free seo tools

A lot of people tend to overcomplicate SEO. But it should not be complicated. We’re going to find some keywords using free tools online.

There is not choosing one keyword. It will most likely be multiple keywords. For this article, for example, I am trying to rank it for multiple keywords:

  • free keyword tool
  • free SEO tools
  • SEO keyword research tool free
  • free SEO tools online

In the end with the help of Google Algorithm, I will most likely rank more than just these 4 phrases.

Let’s see go straight to the tools I use and how I got to select these 4 keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

One of my favorite tools is the Google Keyword Planner. Their information comes straight from their own database, which is huge! It’s also free, you would need to do some steps to sign up though.

With the keyword planner, you will get some suggestions and an estimate of how much the search query is used for. You can deselect countries, so it will check the keyword for worldwide usage.

Click the pictures to enlarge. You will notice a trend, and in the second screenshot where most of these queries are used. The query is free SEO tools. In the list, there are a lot, and I pick out those with low competition.

Ok to the next step adding them in Google Trends.

Another free keyword tool for improving SEO

Check their performance in Google Trends. Since I am aiming for multiple keywords, but I want the best performing I will choose that one as a priority to rank for, despite the difficulty.

In this picture, it shows that it’s about the keyword researched “free keyword tool” and “free SEO tool”.

Researching for keyword difficulty with free tools

SEO is an overly saturated topic. So many websites are attempting to rank for it. This one now as well. This is where the keyword difficulty tools come in place. I use 2 tools for that. SEMrush, their free account allows up to 10 queries per day. I also use Website SEO Checker. Their keyword difficulty checker allows me to see how hard it will be to rank.

Website SEO checker
Website SEO checker

It shows the keyword, where I’ve highlighed “seo keyword reasearch tool free”. A volume of 70 and it’s still easy around 40% difficulty.

So I am still only picking the easy ones. Actually the best way is to pick multiple key phrases, or longtail keywords and implement them in your article.

Picking the easy ones, are easier to rank for in Google Search Engine. It happens faster. When you are blogging on a new domain and blog, it will be very hard to rank for keywords that are marked as difficult.

Researching keywords should be simple

Without too many seo tools, we just went how I chose my keywords, using simple and free online tools. We choose low competitive and easy keywords to rank for.

I will write extensively later on how to use the SEMrush free account. But for now, this should be enough for you to pick out the right words so your website or page can be found.

After finding the right keywords it is important to use them correctly, and do not overuse them. It is important that readers will understand your text. Don’t be concerned about the low volume of keywords as you will overtime rank for more than just a few keywords. Google will help you as long as your article is good!

3 thoughts on “SEO Secrets #1: Keyword tools for free online Simplified”

  1. Thanks for sharing valuable information with us.
    This blog will really help every digital marketer at a beginner level. But what I suggest is that at the very first beginning understand what do you want to do or what your client needs in digital marketing for their business.

    • For this post some assumptions were already made. Indeed it’s better to start at the very beginning. thank you for your comment. It inspires me to make a post from beginning to end that is SEO friendly

  2. Ubbersuggest is good as it shows the keywords search volume in exact numbers. but it has limitations. Ahrefs and Semrsuh are also great as they provide a variety of variations for your keyword. But these all are paid tools.


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