Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta – popular warung

When in Yogyakarta take the opportunity to go and visit Kopi Klotok. It’s a warung that is in the middle of lush green (rice) fields. The food is best described as Javanese traditional grandma’s recipes and taste. It’s a busy place that attracts people from all over Java to experience the food and surrounding nature.

It’s an excellent gastronomical experience for everyone. At the time I came I was surprised by the amount of people that were there at 9am. A several groups of cyclists, countless families, 4 busses got unloaded and 3 vloggers. Not bad for a warung to attract such an amount of people. It’s also a very picturesque place so I included plenty of pictures for you to see what’s it all about.

Arriving at Kopi Klotok

Located in Sleman, about a 20 minutes drive without traffic going North from the city. The adress is: Jalan Kaliurang No.KM.16, Area Sawah. You could also find it on the Google Maps I included. The first sign you will see when you are nearby is to take a turn right (if you come from the south) and a huge parking area, which is most likely already filled if you come around 9am. The place is open from 07.30 – 21:30.

My first impressions were it’s 9 am and there is a line for the bathroom with many people. The parking is filled with license plates coming from all over Java. Not just by car or bus, the people come with as a peleton of cyclers. In general it’s busy, and apparently we still have to walk to the the warung.

reservation kopi klotok

Since it’s so busy, it is wise to check if you can make a reservation via WhatsApp at: +62 822-3131-2004. I found this out later that this was possible. You can even make a reservation for 40 people, I am assuming this is very flexible.

Inside warung Kopi Klotok

There are 3 different lines for buffet. Each buffet contain the same Javanese food. The kitchen is open and accessible for everyone to witness how the staff cooks for hundreds of their customers. It’s interesting to see that a lot is actually cooked with woodfire. For frying the banana they use gas, to control the heat more. The furniture consists of rectangular, tables and some chairs and benches. It can become crowded inside because there are a lot of people. If you are feeling cramped up quickly because of tight spaces I suggest you find a place outside. Inside it can also be very hot. It’s hotter near the kitchen, I personally would avoid this. And did you read this sign: “Ibu hamil makan dan minim gratis”. If you’re pregnang you get free food and drinks! congratulations!

The lines move fairly quick as everyone is happy to get start digging in their food. At the buffet you can find and choose the following food:

  • fried banana (a favourite pick)
  • fried tempe / Tempe bacem
  • Lodeh Kluwih/Terong/adak
  • Rice
  • Sego Megono
  • Fried chicken
  • Crispy fried egg
fried banana kopi klotok

Outside and surroundings

When you are done with eating enjoy the surroundings. You could even take a stroll through the fields of crops they have. Outside are also seating spaces on carpets, and decorated places. They are excellent to stay at if you want to be further from the group.

People would go around and make some pictures to share with their friends and love ones. It brings a lot of photo opportunities. Here are some of my pictures of outside the warung.

It’s definitely a picturesque place. Besides some decorative spaces, these have tables and seats so you could eat while enjoying the view. There is a minor disadvantage of sitting far from the buffet. It also means walking back far with your food. If you sit outside be sure it won’t rain any time soon, or have some shelter. There are some places with a roof to sit. Walking back to the warung can take up to 5 minutes.

sitting next to the corn field of warung kopi klotok

The food and menu at Kopi Klotok Jogja

The food is as traditional as it can get. The locals come here for that traditional taste and view of nature. In here I have lodeh mixe and a crispy fried egg on top. I know it’s a bit weird, but I took a bit of everything from the buffet. The food itself brings me back to when I was young. It’s as authentic as it can get.

The menu is from July 2022. The prices could change in the future, but as you can see, it’s actually very afforable/cheap. less than 1 dollar (13500 IDR) for a package meal!

Paying and trusting

Ngapunten lur.. Notane nggih
sign in Javanese language: don’t forget to pay

With all the busy business going on, it’s a unique concept. People grab their own food. Only the drinks are ordered and brought. But when it comes to paying you are yourself responsible in going to the cash register. On your way out there are some signs in place asking if you paid.

Ngapunten lur.. Notane nggih..

Warung Kopi Klotok

But it’s based on trust, and no-one is checking. Even when you are about to pay, you have to mention what you took so it can be calculated on the spot. It looks a bit messy but it works. The business runs based on trust during these busy moments.

On the way out

On the way back to your transportation, you have a last opportunity to buy some oleh-oleh (souvenirs). There is a small shack frying banana, making tempe and making sure you have something for on the go back. I can imagine that some of the guests travel several hours to Kopi Klotok Yogyakarta just have a taste from this place. They make their own tempe with their own special yeast. If you have a long drive back (for example to Semarang), take some with you. On the way out of Kopi Klotok there is also a place for praying.

Final thought about Kopi Klotok

An amazing busy place with great food. If you are looking for the authentic taste of Javanese food, than Kopi Klotok is a must visit. The food itself is lightly spiced. This means for those who never ate spicy it’s very spice. Then the sambal on a separate dish to make it even more spicier. The taste is not taking foreigners into account. But if you can handle spicy food, you will love it at Kopi Klotok. I am not saying it’s super spicy, it’s just the taste is well spiced. It can be super busy, so don’t forget to check if you need to reserve. If you’re looking for their WhatsApp number: +62 822-3131-2004

I can imagine it will be problematic on busy days and it rains. With great food and great surroundings for photo ops you can easily visit with family and young ones here.

This place is still more popular with local people compared to our foreign tourists. But if you are reading this, make sure to take half a day from your schedule and enjoy something authentic and unique.

What are your thoughts on Kopi Klotok? I hope you can enjoy something like this as it is a unique place in Yogyakarta to eat.

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