Jejamuran the vegetarian mushroom restaurant in Yogyakarta

Jamur means mushroom in Bahasa Indonesia. Jejamuran is a restaurant that offers dishes based on mushrooms. I was skeptic at first because I am not a fan of mushrooms at all. But I was also curious as this restaurant has more than 17000 reviews on google and it all averages into a very positive result. We gave it a try.


To my surprise, I saw wheelchair access and even wheelchairs available on the premise. a bit further I see a lot of locals enjoying the doctor fish foot spa. Where the gura rufa fish (doctor fish) eat parts of the dead skin on the foot making them soft again. I decide not to sit with the locals because we arrived at a time where they would close soon after.

oleh-oleh from Jejamuran

Before entering we would tell the hostess with how many we were. She would relay this information through a walkie-talkie to her colleagues who would then say which table number is available. We were escorted to our table first going through the store of Jejamuran. In this store, you can buy mushroom chips, which is ready to eat. There are plenty of tasters to try out before buying.

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The Menu

In the menu of Jejamuran almost everything is based on mushrooms. It was not really encouraging for me as a non-mushroom lover. But as a traveler, you need to stay open for taste, experience and such. If you really dislike it, they also offer some chicken items on their menu. So not really a pure vegetarian restaurant. We have ordered 3 dishes: Sate mushroom, Mushroom salad, and mushroom bakar.

The taste of Jejamuran

The Sate was very confusing at first. My brain expected some meat, and it looked like meat. The texture was totally different, soft, mushy and mushroom. They have formed and squeezed the shape into a meat/sate. The taste was very nice, well seasoned for a taste mushroom sate. It was getting used to it, but the taste was good.

The Mushroom salad was deep fried small bits and pieces mushroom. The mushroom was crispy, I think they submerged it into flour before frying. The Salad was well dressed and tasty with crunchy mushrooms. It was very satisfying.

Mushroom Bakar also did not taste like mushrooms at all. It has some meat disguised taste to it. I didn’t mind at all.

Special drink: Kunyit Parem

Kunyit Parem
Kunyit parem in the middle

Kunyit Parem is Tumeric based drink. It’s a drink I normally never order, but I was curious about the new taste. It was sweet (very!) with a little hint of bitterness. Nothing resembled the tumeric taste. The Yogya taste is always sweet. Something to remember.

Other remarks about this mushroom restaurant

This restaurant is a no-smoking restaurant and comes with baby seats for families to enjoy a lovely dinner. There is entertainment by a live band with not too loud music in the background, which is nice to have a normal volume conversation.

They also exhibit a lot of mushrooms. They display them near the entrance for visitors to take pictures.


I immediately recommended this restaurant for vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. It’s a new adventure to try! This restaurant rates over 4.5 stars in Google with more than 17000 votes. Most of the dishes are based on different mushrooms.

Where is Jejamuran?

  • Telephone number: (0274) 868170
  • Opening times: from 9am to 9:10pm

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