10 safe places to visit in the world from the coronavirus

With social distancing and self-quarantine, some of us are eager to go outside and travel again. In a safe and cautious manner of course. But who will live up to the standard for safe travels? And which places can keep up with the coming changes that are required to be considered a safe place. I try to cover different parts of the world for any type of holiday.

I have taken a list from Most visited countries 2019 (by World Population Review) and made a comparison with Worldometer’s Corona statistics. The result is a list of countries good for tourism that you might consider safe to visit.

It’s also important that people educate themselves when it comes to travel safety during the pandemic (article by Awesome Traveler). Here it’s reminded about: hygiene by washing hands regularly, do not touch the face, wear a mask for yourself and others and if you don’t feel well don’t travel.

British Virgin Islands

This place is best known for sailing, yachting, stunning beaches and diving. It comprises of 4 main islands. The weather throughout the year is between 21°C – 32 °C. The least rainfall happens from April to June and their Peak season if from December to March.

The British Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. With 8 cases of coronavirus recorded in June, it should be safe.


Seychelles beach

Seychelles is an island country in the Indian Ocean East of Africa and a bit north of Madagascar. This archipelagic consists of 115 islands and is considered a romantic honeymoon destination with dream-like beaches.

In June there were 11 recorded cases of the virus.


Dominica tourist safe destination from corona

This mountainous Caribbean Island is considered to be the nature island of the Lesser Antilles. The sights are gorgeous and several must visits are the National Park, Waterfalls and boiling lake. Besides that their champagne reef is an excellent dive and snorkel spot.

Dominica counted 18 cases of the coronavirus in June.

Other places with low counts in the Lesser Antillers are: Saint-Lucia and Grenada


Fiji bucket list

Another archipelago with 300 islands in the South Pacific. Fiji is known as a tropical bucket-list destination where you can spend your days on the beach sipping cocktails and pampering yourself with your beloved ones. Other then enjoying the beach, you could go Islands hopping, sight-seeing and scuba diving.

This place had 18 recorded cases in June.


Laos travel picture

With 19 recorded cases this place is relatively safe to travel to. This southeast Asian destination is known for its beautiful sceneries and landscapes. It’s a great opportunity to taste the culture in Laos.


Bhutan Temple in the mountain

With Happiness being an official measurement in Bhutan, they make tourism viable. It has a lot of temples, landscapes filled with beauty and culture. The country is also famous for its negative carbon dioxide emission. Clean air, zen and a life worth experience await you in Bhutan.

68 Corona cases were recorded in June


Girl riding a water buffalo in Cambodia

Rich in culture, history, and nature this country should be experienced by yourself. Angkor Wat is since 1992 a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site making it the largest religious monument in the world and the symbol of Cambodia.

Normally millions of tourists come every year just to see that but there is more than Angkor Wat to see.

Cambodia has 129 corona cases in June.


Myanmar hot air balloon rides

Traditions, culture, food, and sights to experience makes Myanmar a place to visit. Paradise white sand beaches with pristine waters. Mountains that look magical with the mist rising, dense green jungles and many more stunning landscapes. Everybody can find their reason to visit Myanmar. They recently opened for tourism so some things might still be lacking, infrastructure.

287 Corona cases in June


Mauritius beach with a hammock

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a gorgeous island east of Madagascar. With lush green nature and white sand dream beaches, this place will never tire off during your vacation.

337 Corona cases in June


Vietnam travel destination

A country so rich in nature, culture and history. Delicious foods and stunning views. Vietnam has plenty of things to do during a vacation. Vietnam did not record any deaths because of corona. They were quickly and strictly to get things under control.

349 Corona cases in June

  • Montenegro
  • Taiwan
  • Jamaica
  • Malta
  • San Marino
  • Andorra

Maybe another European country should be in this list, and if I must mention one, it would be Luxemburg. This monarch is a small place that would be able to get it under control very fast.

Safe Travel Information

Hospitality business will change for your safety and the people working. Look at what some measurements you can expect regarding safe vacation from coronavirus.

Be cautious always and be mindful of the local laws of the country you visit. Some countries might not open for tourism yet in 2020, but at least now you can start with a plan which country considered safe (using statistics).

Bali will reopen soon as well with plans to open for domestic tourism.

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