Top 10 Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam 2020

Indonesian Food Nasi Campur exquisite taste for tourists

World-class cuisine from Indonesia is gaining popularity in every major city around the world. Amsterdam is also no stranger to oriental cuisine of Indonesia. Often restaurants serving Indonesian food have chefs or families original from Indonesia preparing the food. This brings authentic taste to the dishes and a feeling of home for some, or vacation … Read more

20 Best Museums in Amsterdam (2020)

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Taletravels

Amsterdam is home to a wide variety of museums. Not only arts and history are covered, but also beer, erotic things, science and more. There is a museum for almost every interest. Our list for the best museums in Amsterdam is based on popularity. If you haven’t visited a museum yet and you’re in Amsterdam, … Read more

Amsterdam vacation on a budget. Discount for a lot of restaurants and activities

Amsterdam on a budget discount

Going on vacation can be an expensive thing to do. Especially when you are paying the premium price for everything. Amsterdam on a budget is possible, you don’t need to pay the full price for activities and even restaurants. How do you ask? Well as a tourist, I wanted to see as much as possible … Read more

8 Facts about the Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District

Some say it’s a sketchy neighborhood and it’s not for everyone. In some views this is true. With our walk in the Red Light District of Amsterdam not only was it a culture shock, but it was also educative. We have heard about stories before coming here, and we will tell you from our experience … Read more

How to get around in Amsterdam

Bicycle in Amsterdam

In case you are planning or you are already in Amsterdam it is useful to know how to get around from one place to another. Taking a taxi all the time can cost you a small fortune, so I am going to cover all the ways to get around Amsterdam. From Schiphol to Amsterdam Depending … Read more

16 things to do in Amsterdam (2020)

What to do in Amsterdam

When you go to Amsterdam there are a lot of things to do. I am talking about exploring this multi-cultural city with a rich history and a unique look. Have you been thinking about going to Amsterdam but you are a bit clueless about what to do? No worries, we have covered 16 things for … Read more

Must-try typical Dutch food in Amsterdam

Typical Dutch food in Amsterdam header. Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is popular for many things: architecture, culture, tolerance and not to forget the great diversity of food you can try. Amsterdam is home to many restaurants, markets and food hallen where you can spoil your taste buds. So whenever you visit this city, you should also try some of places and food from our … Read more

Best Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam

Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam

Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam are very popular. Especially in the City Centre. There are many choices and we’ve listed the best ones according to us, and also some honorable mentions. So find the best Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam and find out why it made our list. Our criteria are based on price, taste, quantity and … Read more