7 tips choosing your accommodation in Bali for long term best experience

Long term Villa Bali

One of the bigger mistakes that happens a lot lately is that people will immediately book and pay for their accommodation in Bali long term. Upon arrival it is more than disappointing because the pictures are not like how it looks online and things might not even work (things like showers, kitchen appliances, toilets). Long … Read more

Safest ways using ATM machines in Bali. 5 things you should know to protect yourself and keep enjoying your vacation

ATM Guide Bali for safe usage

There are times when someone falls victim to an ATM incident in Bali. Whether it’s skimming or the machines swallowed it up. It makes enjoying your vacation a challenge without any money. I am here to tell you some tips about picking and using an ATM machine in Bali. I tell my guests the same … Read more