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Our Travel Blog has been growing a lot since we started. I am having problems to find the time to also maintain social media to increase more readers and interaction. However, my first mission is to provide the infotainment you deserve.

February Summarized

I have written about Amed, Candidasa. The places to stay, eat and what to do. I really enjoy seeing the results of it already taking off. By that, I mean that people read the articles. I am sure that it will be helpful. These are calm places in Bali, away from busy areas.

Some tips on Money were shared and also what to look out for with renting a scooter. In short, a lot of information that I hope will also be useful to you

Philipinnes vacation delayed

Due to the COVID-19 we will delay our travel to the Philipinnes. We were actually looking forward to it and already had in mind to visit El-Nido, Coron, Manila and more. But for now, we will put it on hold.

Instead, we will most likely choose a destination somewhere in Indonesia to go. Where we do not know yet.

CommentLuv activated

For our fellow bloggers, we have CommentLuv. This will give backlinks to your website. I am not having the greatest Domain Authority yet, but I will work towards it.

What to expect in March 2020 of TaleTravels

We actually went to visit islands nearby Bali. So I hope I get to write about that in March. However, I still want to share about Pemuteran as this is also a must-visit in Bali.

I will also try to join some activities on the island to see if it might be interesting for you to join.

Expanding Food Blog with recipes

With the current growth, I am happy to say that also my interest peaks in creating more and better content. So with this I would like to announce that I will also add food recipes of places, starting with Indonesia first of course.

So stay tuned in my recipes and video tutorials.

6 Months Milestone

This travel food blog has hit a 6 months milestone on 14 March 2020. The adventure of TaleTravels started on 14 September 2020. Starting only with the adventure of a Food Tour in Yogyakarta we have grown to 70+ stories.

Thank you so much for reading and taking part in my blogging journey. Any suggestions or questions? Do not hesitate to ask contact@taletravels.com

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  1. Thank you! If you are going to travel soon, consider getting vaccinated. Vaccination will protect most people from getting infected with the novel coronavirus and this is really important nowadays 🙂


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