How to make Dalgona Coffee (with a fork). A Korean delight and perfect as a dessert.

Dalgona Coffee has taken social media by storm. Many people made this coffee as it is simple and easy! It now started as a #quarantinechallange. Not going out for your normal latte before your work routine is now solved! Make your own delicious coffee, a Korean version of it. Please also subscribe to my YouTube … Read more

Spicy potato recipe with chicken liver. 4 Super Delicious servings!

Spicy potato recipe

Let’s start getting creative with cooking. This popular spicy potato recipe is originally from Indonesia. It is called “Kentang goreng sambel”, and it just might be something one can be craving for. If you like spicy foods, then this is a must-try. it’s a high-calorie guilty pleasure dish. Please also subscribe to my YouTube channel, … Read more

How to make green bean sprouts (Tauge)

How to make green bean sprouts

The first recipe I am going to release is an easy and simple one. This is for making green bean sprouts or also known as tauge. Instead of buying this in the supermarket I thought it would be nicer and also better to have it fresh for my dish after. With the tauge grown from … Read more