Tongseng: typical food from Yogyakarta

Tongseng is a typical dish from Central Java. So you will find many places to enjoy tongseng in Yogyakarta. I went to a place in Sleman, Ngaglik which is 8 km north of the center from Yogyakarta. Tongseng is a curry dish made from goat meat and comes in different variations. This place and dish was recommended to me by the locals from Yogyakarta. Most would mention the standard dishes like Gudeg, which I tried at the authentic warung and I will cover in another post.

Sate Kambing Muda & Ayam Jokopi

We went to “Jokopi”, a warung specializing in tongseng and goat meat dishes. This place has 2 fans inside and no airconditioning like most warung. We had to write down our order on a piece of paper and hand it to someone working there. Tongseng was around 2$, food is very cheap in Yogyakarta. Definitely cheaper than Bali.

Jokopi menu
Jokopi Menu

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We ordered Tongseng Kambin, Sate Kambing, Es Teh Tawar, and Soda Gembira. After ordering it is immediately prepared. Partially of the cooking happens by barbequeing outside. So I went outside and asked for permission to take a photo of how they prepare this.

Sate Kambing at Jokopi Yogyakarta
Sate Kambing at Jokopi Yogyakarta

The Sate is frequently turned and some soy based sauce is frequently added by a brush. The smell of barbeque made my mouth water and excited to taste this Typical dish from Central-Java.

Tongseng Kambing and Sate Kambing

This Tongseng Kambin is a spicy dish where some chilies are hidden underneath in the curry. The meat of kambing (goat) is tender and has a gentle structure which is easy to chew. They also have some pieces of fat in between. This was very chewy, and could not eat this. When ordering one dish you will also get rice with it. So we had 2 dishes of rice.

The drinks

This drink is made from condensed milk, pandan pink syrop and sparkling water (filled in the Fanta bottle). Add the sparkling water and stir until it becomes pink. The taste is very unique. As close as I can describe it is a sweet and cold yogurt drink with some bubbles. Not all the sparkling water fit, but when drinking just adds some more. It becomes less sweet but still a very tasty drink. TIP: Don’t drink it all at once, savor it.

The other drink we ordered was “Teh panas tawar”, hot tea without sugar. In Yogya or Indonesia if you don’t mention “tawar” you will receive the full blast of sugar in it.

Afterword tongseng experience

It was definitely a new taste to enjoy. The taste palette exploded with richness in taste of the coconut milk (I think), chili and special curry. I am on the lookout to compare this Tongseng with any other warung serving it. The rice absorbs and tasted like the curry, the meat was so tender and delicious. Try this food when you are in Yogyakarta and try the Soda Gembira as well.

Where is this Tongseng Warung?

  • Sate Kambing Muda & Ayam Jokopi
  • telephone: 0813-2840-5404
  • 4.4 / 5 with 591 ratings at this time of writing
  • address: J l. Palagan Tentara Pelajar, Karang Moko, Sariharjo, Kec. Ngaglik, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581

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