TaleTravels news: April 2020

This travel and food blog took a whole turn. There is of course almost no interest in traveling which 80% of my content is. I have had the plan to add food recipes and cooking videos on my blog as well.

The dishes are mostly Indonesian and it’s a whole different way of making content. It will take a while but practice makes perfect.

I thought this travel/food blog would go nowhere since COVID19 is changing the way people search on the internet. But actually I have received an increase in the amount of visitors, so I am continuing to create content. I am just shifting now towards more food-related things and I will also add a new category SEO.

SEO for people that are starting their own website and rank it as well as I am doing. Do you need some assistance? I do free SEO audits. contact me!(we got to do something during this lockdown right)

That’s it, for this month’s newsletter. Please stay safe, and stay at home as much as possible. Help our health care system by not overloading them!

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