TaleTravels News May 2020: Website also affected by COVID19. Strategy and effect!

When you are reading this, I hope you are safe and the same goes for those around you. The virus is ravaging wild and fast worldwide now impacting everyone’s life. Also this website is affected by COVID-19.

For those who are familiar with my site and me as an author, I work as a tour operator in Bali, Indonesia. There is currently no work so I had some time to put in creating content for TaleTravels.com and my new YouTube Channel: My Asian Kitchen. (please subscribe it will help me)

SEO Strategy changed because of COVID19

All the pages regarding travel on my website went virtually to 0. Traffic declines hard!


When it became clear foreigners could not travel to Indonesia for the time being and there was no more work I had to do something. With the loss of website traffic, I thought this can be the end of TaleTravels. It had a short-lived for 6 months… But I was determined it should not be the end.

With a lot of practice in SEO and ideas that were already brewing in my mind, some new categories were added: Cooking, Lifestyle, SEO.

Priorities changed, instead of helping the traveler with information about what to do here, I started posting what they can do at home, cooking recipes from here so they (you) can still taste the culture.

With posting almost every day I managed to increase traffic 4x! The total is not a lot, but it’s increasing still. So with motivation and determination, I will thrive on the website adding more quality content as much as possible.

When People can travel again, I will keep adding content about travel, but for now, I will let your sensation and tastebuds travel.

What to expect with the change in SEO strategy?

I will add recipes and SEO articles frequently. Have you read my secret about keyword research with free tools? With that, I managed to increase traffic every month! This month with 4x, in the quadruple digits now only from organic traffic

Top Performing pages:

I will try to keep increasing the content and for that, I will also look for anyone who wants to join TaleTravels as a blogger, more information on that will follow.

What to do when your website is affected by COVID-19

What to do when your website is affected by COVID-19
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

I suggest brainstorming of what kind of content you can add to your website. Also connecting and networking with other bloggers is a good idea to increase your Domain Authority/Ranking score. Bloggers (especially small websites) should now help each other out.

So do you need help? Do not hesitate to send me an email contact@taletravels.com We can help each other!

Website layout changed

I used one of the Free Premium Themes I mentioned before as top-performing pages. With this, I managed to reduce the loading time to 1.1 seconds! If you are interested in that: How to increase your website speed

I still have to notice if this also positively impacts as it’s only 1 week up. But I assume it will go up as it is a more Search Engine friendly theme.

I will notice in the coming months how this will go. I do like the major speed increase.

Support TaleTravels

Do you have any interest in supporting this website? It can be done in so many different ways. Sharing an article already helps me a lot. I am not a good person on social media but if you can share it, it helps. Do you want to write a guest article, it helps.

Just let me know how you want to contribute via email.

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