Charities in Bali to feed the people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is not going to be a long post. This is to help people, to give insight and an opportunity to help People in Bali.

The tourist paradise island Bali is not what it is anymore. The COVID-19 pandemic raging worldwide has made many countries go on lockdown and travel has been restricted. The economy of Bali (and lots of other places) crippled, the people left without work. There is little to no support.

Some call it furlough, which is just a fancy way of saying: unpaid leave. Some decided to go back to their kampung (villages) and attempt to live off nature. Many stayed behind…

No Work, No Money, No Food

Many people that decided to live and work in Bali are not registered in Bali. They do not get the support of 600k IDR per month (less than 40$) from the government. Those who stayed behind in Bali during the pandemic could have different reasons: Stay available for work but do not get paid, no money to return home or just simply didn’t get the opportunity.

Charities in Bali that feed people during the pandemic

I have found 2 charities online that help the people in Bali. They help them by providing those in need of food. Crisis Kitchen Bali also provided masks

Crisis Kitchen Bali

Because it is not safe to gather a lot of people to get access to food Crisis Kitchen does deliver. Stay safe and stay at home. Crisis Kitchen coordinates with local banyars, churches and communities. If you know somebody in need of food, let them contact either Crisis Kitchen via Facebook or if they have no internet let them contact the local banyar, church, local communities.

Bali 2020 Aid

Another charity organization by foreigners that is helping by feeding. This organization also helps the dogs of Bali. Normally they are fed with scraps or food given by tourists or locals. But now also this has become a scarcity.

Find Bali 2020 Aid at M.A.N. Resort in Legian

Project Nasi

Project Nasi is a charity by Australians who have businesses in Bali.

Survival packs by Project Nasi are distributed to many families per day from Linglings in Petitenget, and Sinaloa in Legian.

100% of all the money raised goes towards the survival packs made up of rice, eggs, vegetables and essentials including masks and soap.

Project Nasi

Find Linglings and Sinaloa here.

Getting free food in Bali for those in need

Either contact one of the organizations via Facebook. If this is not an option, contact the local banyar, church or community. Ask a neighbor for help. Do you have somebody in need, a friend, neighbor or just someone you see struggling in daily life, tell them where they can get help.

I would like to thank the charities with the kindness they do for those in Need of Bali. So if you can support them, please do so.

When you are going to visit one of these places, do keep in mind to practise social distancing, and wash hands regularly. Inform the others as well about this.

If you show any symptoms please do not go anywhere and be honest and inform the people delivering. No need to infect more as there is already way too much of it in the world.

Thank you

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