How to make green bean sprouts (Tauge)

The first recipe I am going to release is an easy and simple one. This is for making green bean sprouts or also known as tauge. Instead of buying this in the supermarket I thought it would be nicer and also better to have it fresh for my dish after. With the tauge grown from this result I made a tahu dish.

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You need water, the green beans (mung beans), a sponge or cloth and a dark place to store this.

Step 1

How to make green been sprout Tauge step 1

Soak the green beans for 8-12 hours

Day 1

soaking mung beans after 12 hours
roots are coming out

Throw away the water
Prepare a bowl, a basket and wet foams.

how to make tauge step 3

Spread the green bean on the wet foam, you can make 2 layers if you still have leftover beans.
Cover the green beans with a cloth and black plastic to keep it dark. or just put them in a dark place.

spreading mung beans on wet foam

Day 2

Tauge roots are visible after the first day

Water the green beans 3x per day and cover it again. Don’t forget to throw away the leftover water in the bowl

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Day 3

Result after 3 days

Water the green beans 2x per day and in the evening you can already harvest it.
or if you want longer green bean sprout you can also harvest it on day 4.

How to harvest Green Bean Sprouts (Tauge):

Just flip the foam to drop most of the bean skin, then cut the bean sprout to get it without the roots. Clean the rest of the skin.
Green bean is ready to use or serve.

Video of making green bean sprouts

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