The “New Normal” for tourism

As we slowly get used to the new normal where we learn how to take extra steps for the safety of ourselves and others. I have been busy moving and going to a new place to save money in order to get through the pandemic in Bali.

It is hard to take steps be safe and moving and at the same time airplanes are coming and going again. However international tourists still have to wait until it’s ready.

The New Normal for Accommodation

The new normal for accommodation in Bali is slightly different. But it all comes down to making it safe for tourists and travellers seeking accommodation

In both videos we see the procedure for the traveler or tourist to sanitize their hands every time they touch something: Pen, door handle, utensils, chair, phone and more. Also, all potential surfaces that you might touch are sanitized regularly.

The hospitality staff is doing their utmost best to accommodate you comfortably and keep the environment safe. Everybody will have to undergo a quick temperature scan to see if something might be wrong.

Hostels are no more

It is pretty obvious that hostels where mix dormitories are now a thing of the past. They cannot continue to keep up with the new normal as putting strangers in a room from different travel origins seem not a responsible thing to do nowadays.

Price of accommodation which way will it go?

I can imagine that hotels and resorts have to invest more in staff, training and equipment to keep the environment sterile and safe for everyone: Both visitors and employees.

With the required investment to keep up it should go up. For now it is going down to jump-start tourism. But this might change over time as the cleanliness now has a new meaning.

Tips for the new normal

  • Constantly rubbing alcohol isn’t good for your hands either, so also have some hand lotion to moisturize your hands. Stop touching your face also helps!
  • Smokers cough, or just coughing is now seen as a sign. Travel healthy!
  • Check destination beforehand if it has a decreasing rate of the coronavirus infection.
  • Respect the rules!

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