Amsterdam vacation on a budget. Discount for a lot of restaurants and activities

Going on vacation can be an expensive thing to do. Especially when you are paying the premium price for everything. Amsterdam on a budget is possible, you don’t need to pay the full price for activities and even restaurants. How do you ask?

Well as a tourist, I wanted to see as much as possible and eat a lot of new things. I found out too late about this website called Groupon. If I have known a little bit before I could have saved easily a 30-50% of my spendings on the meals and things to do in Amsterdam.

If you want to understand more about the Groupon website since it is in Dutch, I used Google Translate to translate some things I could not understand. But by buying tickets online will save you a lot more money from your vacation in Amsterdam.

This is a non-sponsored post, I do not gain or get anything from Groupon. I just think it’s handy if you are in Amsterdam on a budget then these deals can save you a lot of money.

Dining in restaurants of Amsterdam with discount

Map of amsterdam on a budget with restaurants for groupon
Google Maps image with location for restaurants in Amsterdam with groupon deals.

Groupon offers deals for restaurants. Great places to go for fine dining to all you can eat buffets. Discounts vary per establishment but go up to 60%! Well if we eat for 2, and gotten a discount anytime, we would have saved a lot more. The places where you can eat are scattered over Amsterdam. Find promos for food and beverages

Discounts for Spa’s and beauty in Amsterdam

Spa and beauty with discount in Amsterdam
Image taken from website

Do you feel like pampering yourself while on your vacation in Amsterdam? Well, huge discounts for Spa and beauty is well. This can be handy for couples on a budget in Amsterdam.

Museum, Canal tour, activities in Amsterdam on a budget

Amsterdam on a budget activities with huge discounts
Image from Groupon website

Going to museums in Amsterdam can be done with a discount as well. Even the popular Madame Tussaud would cost 11 euro instead of 20. That saves 9 euro per ticket. So if you are planning to go to Amsterdam and do some fun things do check out this Groupon for activities. There are plenty of museums, boat rides and other fun tourist activities for your vacation.

Groupon accepts PayPal, credit cards (Visa and Master). For some of the activities, you might need to print out some vouchers. If you are already in Amsterdam and just found out about this as me, ask if the hotel can help you print out vouchers for you.

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