20 Best Museums in Amsterdam (2020)

Amsterdam is home to a wide variety of museums. Not only arts and history are covered, but also beer, erotic things, science and more. There is a museum for almost every interest. Our list for the best museums in Amsterdam is based on popularity. If you haven’t visited a museum yet and you’re in Amsterdam, do pick one out of the list that matches your interest.

TIP: Before buying any tickets online do check this as you can save money. Amsterdam on a budget. You can buy cheaper tickets from there and some of the museums, not all, sell tickets through that website. You can save about half of the entrance price.

Van Gogh Museum

The van Gogh Museum commemorates the legacy of van Gogh. You will get to learn about van Gogh, how he got inspired for each painting. There is going so much research in his artwork. Going to this museum brings you to the journey of not just his art but his personal life.

TIP: Recommended is to buy the tickets online since the queues can be long and unforgiving. It’s a very popular museum. The easiest way is to get here by tram or bicycle.

Other artists in this museum displayed are Utugawa Kunisada, Henri Fabriel Ibels, Maurice Denis, Félix Vallotton, Pierre Bonnard.


Nearby the van Gogh Museum is the Rijksmuseum. This museum showcases the arts and history related to Amsterdam. The most famous painting they have is “De Nachtwacht” which translates to The Nightwatch. They have 3 floors for exhibition or artifacts and paintings.

This is the second most popular museum in Amsterdam. Do plan your visit and buy the tickets online. This will allow you to skip the long queue for buying a ticket.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House Museum

Anne Frank was a girl who lived during the Second World War. In this period of history, the Nazi’s were rounding up Jewish people to be sent to their eventual deaths. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who hid in between the walls. She has recorded a piece of this history from her point of view. Her diary still is being read every day and how she lived touches the hearts of millions of people. Learn more about her biography, the history by visiting this museum

Do buy your tickets online, the line can be very long as this is also a very popular museum to visit.

Nemo Science museum

Nemo Science museum Amsterdam

This museum is great for everyone interested in some everyday things. With this I mean you see how everyday things are affected by our science. You can experiment with magnets, build dams, engulf themselves in a bubble. This Museum is great for letting everyone trying something out and how small changes in an experiment can change the whole outcome. The Nemo Science Museum is especially fun for young as this can be considered as a big educational playground for them.

Artis (zoo)

Artis Zoo

Artis has so many animals. You can easily spend a whole day here watching the animals go by their daily routine. The Zoo also has a lot of historical facts about animals and artefacts. Great place if you are with children to spend some time here.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

A was museum with some popular musicians, actors and historical figures. Madame Tussaud has always an interesting exhibition. Before going to this wax museum, be sure to check out their website as they give some information about which wax statues are there.

Red Light Secrets

Amsterdam Red Light District

Have you been wondering about the history, and life at Red Light District? It has a lot of information. There is already some interesting facts about Amsterdam’s Red Light District, an article about it. But when you are interested in more about it, then this is the place to learn more about the Red Light District.

Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is 1 minute walking from the van Gogh Museum. Moco focuses on modern and contemporary art with a touch of humor reflecting current society. Their art and exhibition on display are temporary as they borrow it. During peak times, it can feel full and crowded fast. But if this art speaks to you then definitely visit Moco Museum as well.

Body Worlds

Body Worlds Museum

Body Worlds is an important place. This museum has a mission to make people aware of the fragility of their body. They display specimens of real human beings. You could see what it would mean to your body if you are a long term party person that would drink and smoke.

Not only the common things but also what does it mean and how do artificial hips work or some surgery happened with your knee. This museum is to make you aware and educate yourself about your own body.

Sex Museum Venustemple Amsterdam

The name itself already says it. You can imagine it’s about the history of Sex. 18+ only!

Stedelijk Museum

De Stedelijk Museum is also on Museum Plein (Museum square) with some of the others. This place looks very attractive and beautiful on the outside. The inside they manage to display the modern art that goes well with their interior design.

Rembrandt House Museum

In the 17th century, this is the place where Rembrandt lived and worked. This place is where the art is studied of Rembrandt and you will get to learn more about Rembrandt, history of Amsterdam and the art. It’s an interesting place to see and learn.

Scheepsvaartmuseum, The National Maritime Museum

Maritime museum amsterdam

This museum is about ships and sailing. The artifacts on display here are models, maps and weapons from the history. The Dutch used to colonize a lot of other places centuries ago, and here you get to learn how they managed to cross the vast oceans, waged war, mapped the known world and ships of the history.

Eye Film Institute Museum

The Eye museum Amsterdam

This contemporary museum dedicates to film and the art of moving pictures. They have a lot of movie posters, 4 cinemas, some collection regarding to film. Next to the Eye is an institute dedicating to restoring and digitizing Dutch film works. Up to now, there are more than 50000 films stored. They attract young and old by combining past, present and future cinema

Heineken Experience

Heineken museum amsterdam

The Heineken Experience is a beer brewery where they make Heineken. The tour includes a beer and showing how they make beer from the hop and grains. For beer lovers and self brewers, this is an absolutely great thing to experience. There is an age restriction because of beer drinking.

Hermitage Amsterdam

Hermitage Amsterdam shows culture and art and jewelry. The Panoramic Amsterdam on dispay, tells a story by showing how Amsterdam developed as a city next to the Amstel (the canal). Besides this, they have a sibling version of the Nightwatch painting here, where 30 brothers and sisters would be on the huge painting.

This Museum also shows from “outsider artists” unpolished art. It gives them exposure here and if you want to explore more art than have a look at their exhibitions.

Amsterdam (history) museum

If you want to know the things that happened in Amsterdam from the middle ages up until now, then this museum will show you that. It has many objects, paintings, archeological finds to tell you an interesting story about Amsterdam.

Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Well, you can guess what this museum is about. But instead of what you already know, there are somethings that you might not know about Hash, Marihuana, and hemp. Visit this museum and learn more then it’s current usage.

Tropen Museum

Tropen Museum Amsterdam

Tropen Museum is all about the culture worldwide and it’s history. My interest in this museum was because they have many Indonesian artifacts and a documented history about colonization from Indonesia.

This huge museum has much more to offer and has 8 permanent exhibitions. Worth to visit, yes! even though it was last on this list, it was the first I visited.

Plan your Museum Trip in Amsterdam

Do you want to visit multiple museums on a day? It’s possible. Use our map below to plan the museum you want to visit efficiently.

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