Best Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam

Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam are very popular. Especially in the City Centre. There are many choices and we’ve listed the best ones according to us, and also some honorable mentions. So find the best Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam and find out why it made our list.

Our criteria are based on price, taste, quantity and service. We have listed only the restaurants in the city center. The ranking below is in no specific order, as I would require more time. But leave a comment which one you liked or disliked. Find the map at the end with what we think are the best Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam.

TIP: Best way to eat chinese food is with friends. Order different dishes and share a bit of every dish to get as much as possible flavors. The restaurants below have seasoned chef’s from China.

Sichuan Restaurant Amsterdam

There are actually multiple Sichian restaurants in Amsterdam and they have the same interior. Safe to assume it’s a chain belonging to the same owner. Sichuan is a province in China, and their specialty: Spicy food. They use sichuan peppers and chili’s in their sauce and dishes. The Sichuan pepper itself is a tiny kind of pepper/ball (which you should not just chew like that). The taste is a kind of citric and spicy. The Sichuan based dishes are amazing! In the city you can find three Sichuan Restaurants.

Besides having nice and spicy food, their dishes are the biggest compared to the other chinese restaurants. 1 main course and 1 drink vary between 20-30 euro (can be higher depending on the dish)

Recommended: Mongolian Beef, Sichuan Royal Fish, Sichuan Hot Pot Chicken

Nam Kee (Cantonese)

Nam Kee Chinese restaurant Amsterdam
Nam Kee by westher on VisualHunt / CC BY

Chinese food from Nam Kee is authentic as it gets in Amsterdam. The chefs have perfected the taste of the Chinese cuisine, or for them home, in a way that it does attract people from all over. Nam Kee is always a busy place. It’s been around for a long time and there are 3 Nam Kee restaurants now in Amsterdam.

Recommended here: Roasted Duck, oysters

New King (Mandarin)

New King Chinese Restaurant in Amsterdam
New King: penbox85 on VisualHunt / CC BY

With over 35 years as experience, New King also get’s a place as one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam. They have a very big platter for mixed meat which you can easily share. If you are with someone, I would recommend one vegetable dish, and a rice/bami/nasi dish with 3 different kinds of meat. you get enough meat to share.

Sliced and roasted meat chinese food

Difference between Mandarin and Cantonese Cuisine

They’re both Chinese but there are subtle differences in the cuisine. Mandarin uses more spices and makes it also a bit more spicier. Also a lot more oil is used in it’s cooking. With Cantonese it’s less spicy, oily and more focus is on the vegetables (and it’s freshness). Even there are differences, I did not try the same dishes at Nam Kee and New King. So I can say little about it.

Restaurant Oriental City

Oriental City Amsterdam, a chinese restaurant.

Next to the Dam Square of Amsterdam (about 5 minutes walk) is the Oriental City Restaurant. This restaurant is good for having a Dim Sum lunch or dinner. It’s great for big groups as they have multiple floors and big round tables. On the tables you can rotate the center to divide food among each other. Order a big variety here to share a lot with your group.

Honorable Mentions: Chinese Restaurants in Amsterdam

I did not go there myself but I hear it’s recommended. I currently only have one in Honorable mentions. If you think another should join this list, leave a comment below.

Sea food palace

Sea food palace floating restaurant

This restaurant is on the water. You get there via a bridge they have. I have heard that the food is pretty good, so it’s in the honorable mentions. The architecture is very unique and the decor makes you feel like, not in Amsterdam.

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