How to get around in Amsterdam

In case you are planning or you are already in Amsterdam it is useful to know how to get around from one place to another. Taking a taxi all the time can cost you a small fortune, so I am going to cover all the ways to get around Amsterdam.

From Schiphol to Amsterdam

How to get from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central
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Depending on where your accommodation is, the cost of a Taxi can quickly be more than 50+ euro (depending on traffic). This would then cover a distance of about 20km. So what alternatives are there to get From Schiphol to Amsterdam Central.

At Schiphol, there are train stations (Nederlandse Spoorwegen). These train stations are located below Schiphol and the trains go all over the Netherlands and even neighbouring countries. Since it is just underground at the airport, it’s very convenient and easy to reach as there are plenty of signs to help you find your way to your train.

The train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central goes 11x per hour (depending on the time, during the night it would be less). The time it takes from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central with the train would be between 15-25 Minutes. The big difference is how many times the train is planned to stop in between to pick up more passengers. The cost of a single ticket from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central is 4.50 euro (more than 10x cheaper than the Taxi).

Going around Amsterdam by Bicycle

Bicycles are the way to go around the city Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam is one of the most normal things there is. In fact, if you are within the city center, it is actually the faster way to get to the destination. However, keep in mind there are some roads where cyclists need to get off and walk with their bikes. If not and the police catch you in the act it will be fine. I have heard the fine is 35 euro and up for cyclists.

You can rent bicycles in Amsterdam City. I have listed the three best according to the Google Reviews that are near Amsterdam Central. The Map is below.

Going around Amsterdam by public transport

Infrastructure in Amsterdam is impressive. They have all kinds of public transport you can use: Bus, tram metro, ferry, and train. If you stay within Amsterdam you can buy an OV-chip card on the bus/tram station. Keep in mind when you buy it in the tram or bus they don’t have change for 50 euro bills. Going around Amsterdam using public transport I suggest for you to use

9292 Shows the best way how to get your destination in Amsterdam using public transport. When using public transportation when entering (or before with the metro/train) you swipe your OV-Chipcard. When getting out you have swipe again. If you forget this, the amount of money is lost from your OV-chip card. TIP: So don’t forget it. Forgetting to check-out for Metro, Tram or Bus will cost you 4 euro. Forgetting to check-out from the train costs 20 euro.

TIP: If you plan on using public transportation several days in a row, get that card that is valid for multiple days. So you don’t need to charge your OV-chipcard all the time. You can buy these tickets at the Ticket and Information GVB at Amsterdam Central Station

Going around Amsterdam by walking

Walking in Amsterdam allows you to see the most of the city

Walking is the best way to explore Amsterdam. You get to see a lot more and you can just take your time if you are not in a hurry. Before going on a walking adventure, do plan what you want to see or do. Maybe this article helps: What to do in Amsterdam.

You can easily spend hours walking in Amsterdam just to see as much as possible. During hot weathers make sure to have a bottle of water ready as the summers can be very humid/hot. During the winters dress well to avoid catching a cold. If rain is expected, have an umbrella with you and try to avoid walking for hours.

By Car in Amsterdam

Uber as of the time of writing is still present in Amsterdam. This might change in the near future since there were some issues going around about the company and drivers not matching the profile. In any case, you can use Uber via the app.

Using any form of Taxi can add up to your vacation. It’s costly when you order a taxi every day to go somewhere. But if you can afford it, it’s very convenient as you get dropped off and picked up where you want. Sometimes you would need to call the taxi in advance. The phone number for TCA Taxi is +31207777777.

Renting a car

You can rent a car at Sixt and Enterprise both are walking distance from Amsterdam Central. I do not recommend riding in Amsterdam. The rules look complicated, they have trams, busses pedestrians, bicycle people and so much of that at the same time going on. Besides that Amsterdam has the most expensive parking spots in the world. You can easily pay 5 euro + per hour just for parking. And somehow parking spots are scarce. You can easily take an hour for just finding one spot that might be another 15 minutes + walking from your destination.

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      be mindful that in public transport you should wear a mask for the safety of yourself and others around you. Take care and have fun Getting around in Amsterdam


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