10 things you should not do in Amsterdam

It’s a beautiful city to visit, but there are some things you should absolutely not do when you are here. Avoid the following things in order to have a pleasant vacation as it should be. Are you looking for the things to do in Amsterdam? The activities are updated for 2020.

Now let’s go on to the things you should avoid and don’t do so you can have a great vacation with wonderful memories of Amsterdam

Don’t take photos at Red Light District

Red Light District Amsterdam

So there are always people doing this. By making pictures from women behind the windows in the red light district does get reported immediately! And the women stand together, as well as their friends protecting them. Your camera/phone can be thrown in the canals, confiscated. If you see someone else doing this, it’s too late. Observe and maybe you will witness what I would like to call the pimpslap. Be respectful of their privacy and simply don’t take pictures, even from the opposite of the street or from a bar.

Don’t be Drunk in public in Amsterdam

Photo by twentythreefortytwo on VisualHunt.com / CC BY

Amsterdam is great and all, but somehow you will always have some people that are beyond our reality. I mean they’re drunk and they won’t remember what happened. There are often groups of friends going to Amsterdam, bachelor parties and just the average tourist. They drink and get intoxicated to the level that they start to harras people. Don’t be this person.

Don’t Buy drugs on the street of Amsterdam

No Drugs

It goes without saying but ignore the people trying to sell you drugs on the street. Seriously don’t do that because this can only cause problems.

Don’t go to Amsterdam with no money for food or accommodation

bring money euros to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not a cheap place. Be sure you have enough money for your stay here. Eating out every day will add up. Sleeping outside also isn’t something you want to do. I am going to make a list later on how much you would need for a 10-day vacation in Amsterdam.

Don’t piss in the canals

As a man, it is easy to urinate in the canals. In Amsterdam, you can see many public toilets. Avoid urinating in the canals, especially drunk. Most death related accidents because of drowning were due to intoxication and losing balance while urinating in the canals. Most victims found have had their pants to their ankles, and you can’t swim like that, even when drunk. So just don’t do this. Besides the dangers, it also comes with a hefty 90 euro fine.

Don’t Drink Alcohol in public

In the city of tolerance, where so much is allowed, drinking a beer in public can become a problem. It is ok to drink on a terrace while sitting. But when the Police will see you drinking in public you can expect a hefty fine. Drinking in public outside does happen on Kingsday, and festivals. But on any other day, it’s a 90 euro fine or more.

It is weird because you can see many tourists smoking something that is tolerated and the Police won’t take action. But with drinking out in the public they do take action.

Drive a bike under the influence of alcohol or something

Photo credit: Sergey Romanchuk on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Don’t be a danger to yourself and others in traffic. You can also just walk with your bike if you need to go back to your accommodation. Be kind to another.

Running a red light

Stop for red lights

You will see many tourists or locals biking through red lights, breaking plenty of rules. Because others do it, doesn’t mean you should do it as well. Be careful when participating in traffic.


Amsterdam is a city that attracts millions of tourists every year. Be careful when walking in crowded spaces. Not everyone is a tourist. Please mind your belongings for your own sake. Some people are trained with sleight of hand and before you know it, your wallet, phone disappeared.

Miss your last option of Public Transport

How to get around Amsterdam with Tram

When you are planning to go somewhere using public transportation, do plan for a way back as well. The public transport will stop shortly after midnight. Plan to take a taxi than it’s ok. But if you planned to go with public transport back after midnight, then you might miss your metro, tram or bus.

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