Michelin Star Restaurants near Amsterdam

Just slightly outside of Amsterdam there are mention-worthy Restaurants. These are the 4 closest Restaurants to Amsterdam with a Michelin star. No worries, Amsterdam itself has over 20 Michelin starred restaurants. Those will be mentioned in another post. This is just for now if you plan to go outside of Amsterdam to change the scenery and enjoy good food.

Find the Michelin Restaurants in Amsterdam here.

De Vrienden Van Jacob

This gem is only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. A nice location with a stunning view. For a Michelin star restaurant, 20 minutes is worth it!

Alaine Alders, the executive chef of this restaurant gained the title ‘Meesterkok” which means Master Chef. He describes his own style as relaxed cooking. Well, his relaxed cooking earned him a Michelin star. It’s a French-based cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean

Even though their basis is mostly traditional dishes, they use the latest cooking techniques. Then these exceptional dishes are presented in a contemporary style.

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What people love at De Vrienden Van Jacob

  • surprising ingredients with good flavors
  • good service
  • atmosphere and surroundings

De Nederlanden

This restaurant is south of Amsterdam inside a boutique hotel. Wilco Berends, the chef at this Michelin star restaurant prefers to cook with regional and seasonal ingredients. Their ingredients are of the highest quality and what’s also very important to this restaurant is that the ingredients are honest and fair.

Some signature dishes are the oyster which is selected by the chef himself. The North Sea Crab with perfectly balanced flavors and aromas. To finish it off, a soufflé. Wilco Berends comes and explains his style preparing, cooking, and reasons behind when you have this ordered.

Experience this Michelin restaurant with a weekend overstay. The hotel has 11 rooms. Well decorated and situated looking over the “Vecht” and the Van Leer bridge.

What people like at De Nederlanden

  • Heartfelt welcome
  • knowledgable staff
  • Explosive flavors

Ratatouille Food & Wine

Situated in Haarlem, is the restaurant Ratatouille. Like you would expect from the name, it would be a French-based cuisine. The thought behind this cuisine is a touch of today with excellent value for money. Upon receiving their star, Michelin explained it belongs to a newer generation of chefs and restaurants, which is less expensive, less stiff and better accessible. Their wine menu has over 460 choices of wine, and they only have the best seasonal products available.

Haarlem is only a short distance away from Amsterdam, going out of your way for this restaurant is well worth it for a gastronomic experience of the modern French cuisine.

What people love at Ratatouille

  • 7-course menu (91 euro)
  • wine pairing
  • creative food with an amazing taste experience


Olivijn is where art meets the gastronomical experience at high levels. Even though the exquisite taste, the chef Menno Post, thinks it’s important to be yourself. Their restaurant is a home-like feeling and ambiance. The chef would present the menu himself to you and a sommelier would recommend exciting tastes of wines that would fit together with your dishes.

Menno only cooks with meat original which is sourced as close to home as possible. Fish from the North Sea and as much as possible biological organic produced ingredients.

I like that this restaurant is sustainable with its products and avoids the use of plastic.

What do people like about Olivijn?

  • The atmosphere and spacious environment

There it is, 4 Michelin restaurants nearby Amsterdam that are worth a visit. Have you been to one of these places? Did you like it? Share your experiences in the comments.

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