Top 10 Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam 2020

World-class cuisine from Indonesia is gaining popularity in every major city around the world. Amsterdam is also no stranger to oriental cuisine of Indonesia. Often restaurants serving Indonesian food have chefs or families original from Indonesia preparing the food. This brings authentic taste to the dishes and a feeling of home for some, or vacation for others.

This list goes from fine dining to a deli-like experience or even just small cozy Indonesian restaurants. If you are in the neighboorhood of any of these places and you want to eat? Try these Indonesian restaurants.

Blue Pepper

This Indonesian restaurant brings a modern twist to the normal way of how Indonesian Cuisine is presented. The spicy food is as intended by Indonesian cuisine, spicy as intended and not made mildly. There is an opportunity to take a 2.5-3 hours dinner cruise on the canals of Amsterdam. The requirement would be a reservation of at least 10 people and the boat would need to be available.

Blue Pepper is fancier than the normal restaurant in Amsterdam with a stylish interior and service that would be above average. The price is also reflected in this. But these fine dining moments are just for once in a while.

Terang Boelan

This restaurant cooks Indonesian food right from The Jordaan Amsterdam. Your choices here are to take out or dine in a cozy small table. This place is run as a family business/restaurant. They’re cooking is authentic and prices are affordable.

Terang Boelan, translates to “Bright Moon”, and they mention that they’re the real Indonesian Food from Amsterdam. They have presented their food in a warung style. With happy people since 1994, they have been serving Indonesian food for 25 years.

Soenda Kelapa Indonesian eatery

This is a family-owned restaurant that cooks authentic Indonesian food. They’re situated walking distance from the skinny bridge also known as “magere bridge” from Amsterdam. So If you are nearby and want to taste a lot of Indonesian food then this is the place.

Proper Indofood

Amazing Indonesian food with an authentic taste of the nenek (grandmother). This place offers affordable dishes with a taste of home. Their food is prepared daily and fresh. To make the food close to authentic, they only use fresh herbs and spices. Nothing preserved or dried. If you want catering for 20 or more, this is the place to ask for more information about it.

Warung Spang Makandra

This is more a fusion of Surinam Javanese food. The portions are great for food and well worth the money. This place is small and cozy. Are you curious about the Surinam influence on Javanese food? Something different than Indonesian only cuisine. This is something you should try out. Besides they’re in the Pijp, an authentic Amsterdam place to see.

The recommendation here is the Spang Makandra Special. A mi goreng, nasi goreng variant with satay, chicken fillet, krupuk and 3 different kinds of sambal.

Bayu Food Art & Private dining

With the atmosphere of home, they serve Indonesian food with a Twist. inside they have place for 25 guests to sit. This small but cozy restaurant organizes art to display. Look at art while dining.


Looking for Indonesian food in Amsterdam North? Then Puspita is your place. This small but cozy place has excellent service with consistent quality in food and taste. Enjoy by taking your time to taste the savory rijsttafels at this place.


Indonesian food by Kemang in amsterdam
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A small place with only 2 tables. It’s small but cozy. Good for take-out and is well praised by tourists coming to eat here. Its location is not anywhere the city center but if you are nearby it’s worth a visit. Indonesian food prepared by Kemang is described as good food for a good price.

Toraja House

Indonesian food from Toraja house in amsterdam
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Be welcomed warm and very friendly by the owner of Toraja House. This place has big portions to make you feel more than satisfied after eating. The Indonesian taste is good for those interested in it. They’re located a bit West of the city but if you are nearby Kinkerstraat it might be worth considering visiting this place. Many customers return here and most are actually living around and locals.

Sita Djanoko Restaurant

This restaurant serves Asian-Indonesian fusion. If you are done visiting the Museums at Museumplein why not also take lunch/dinner at this place. With value for money, this place offers good food. You can ask for recommendations or dishes that go well with each other. The staff is friendly to help with this.

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