5 Destinations in Asia to visit Post Pandemic

It will be a while before we can all just go on vacation and visiting friends and family abroad. But we can still dream and hope to visit one or more of these countries someday.

My own travel plans which I scheduled for October I simply canceled in order not to take any risk. This is better for me, my family, and everyone we will come in contact with during the travels. Traveling will be more appealing when the 14 days self-quarantine is not required anymore.

My dreamy top destinations in Asia are:

The Philippines

The Philipinnes Jeepney Manila travel

The Philippines is one of the least visited countries by tourist in Asia. They do have plenty of tourist destinations and a lot to discover. They have 3 main islands, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I hope to visit Luzon and parts of Visayas as they have a lot to offer and explore.

The Philipinnes is relatively cheap for transportation, eating and accommodation. Some do complain about the available drinking water. A lot of places offer service water. This drinking water can still cause some diarrhea similar to a Bali Belly.

The capital (Metro) Manila is a metropolis with more than 23 Million people. Wow! I thought Jakarta with 10+ Million was a lot. They have this thing called “traffic sa Edsa”. It means stuck in traffic on the main road of Manila.

Palawan, Coron

I have heard many tourists visiting here in Bali talking about Coron. Supposedly it’s a vacation for snorkeling, diving, and awesome adventures. It sounds like something I would like as well.

I always hear that Coron is a bucket list destination so when you are in the Philipinnes make sure to visit this place as well.

Coron Busuanga travel destination in Philipinnes

Ilocos Region

About 8 hours north of Manila by bus is the Ilocos Region where they speak ilokano. It’s less busy and more village style. I would like to visit this area as well. There are beaches like Acapulco and the ones in San Juan for surfing. I imagine there are many more places to go for surfing in Philipinnes.

Siargao Island

Like Coron, not easy to get to, but that makes it worth a visit for those who want to spend time on tropical beaches, watch sunrises and sunsets. When I am here I want to go inland, and also rent a boat to check around!


Famous for the chocolate hills, this place in the Visayas shows how beautiful nature can be. The beaches are gaining popularity for swimming, sunbathing, diving and even dolphin watching.


The party island for tourists or so I have heard. A lot of young tourists converge here for beaches and party. Why not when you are on a tropical island. The island is divided in several zones. These zones also indicate what price area you are in.

Seeing how big Philipinnes is I think it will take some time to discover even more. I am excited to go there with the family to see their country.


Japan city travel destination

Japan has always been a dream to visit. Gardens with 4 seasons, the night life and bullet train that brings you across the country with 320km/h. It’s a country full of atmosphere where people would dine in those ramen places.

I am more interested in traditional life than modern cities but I do want to visit both. Therefor I first will go to one of the must see cities.


Kyoto is full of life. Recommended is to go actually towards the mountains and walk the legendary red gates Fushimi Inari shrine. I hope to visit around March-April in order to witness the cherry blossom trees. I can only imagine how magical this place must be.

red gates Fushimi Inari shrine


During a stay in Kyoto, a day trip to Nara could be done. The first capitol, a place full of history and culture. There are plenty of Unesco sights here. Their main attraction is the p[lace with the 15 meter tall golden Buddha. The place is called The Daibutsu-den which translates to Hall of the Great Buddha. Must go for a daytrip!


Japanese street food, modern city and vibes. Yes, Osaka I will visit you one day! Other than that I have the shrines and shogunate castle in mind.

I have never been to Japan and most likely I will also visit Tokyo of course. I am looking forward to see the country and wish to stay there for a while.

South Korea

Seoul from air

What I think when it comes to the country that brought us Samsung is that this is a highly technologically advanced place. Spending time in a PC Bang! eating and seeing the people game. That would be some experience I would say.


My expectations of Seoul is that I think it’s a dazzling city with bright lights. Buildings touching the sky and Samsung everywhere. Seoul would be more of a city happening, going to malls and see some photo moments wherever it can be.

Jeju Island

Some of the Korean movies involve this island. It’s the wedding destination for a romantic getaway. Tropical, beaches and a romance that will make a memory. I wonder how this is versus Bali as a romantic island.


A place for both street and seafood. Busan is on my list just for that. It’s the second biggest city so I do think it will be interesting to see the differences between Busan and Seoul.

My expectation is that this city shows a bit more culture with the Buddhist temples and a world-famous fish market.


Suwon for shopping and not to forget their UNESCO world heritage site. Hwaseong Fortress with the huge stone wall. It must be sight to see. Just south (how far I am unsure) of Seoul.

Seoraksan National Park

mount Seoraksan

This place is the reason to visit during autumn. Seoraksan National Park is UNESCO protected. It’s a mesmerizing experience during autumn.

Nature lovers and hikers will come to love this place. Imagine snowy white mountain peaks on the horizon, nature shining with the memory of a lifetime. This is why we travel and why Seoraksan National Park is one of the must-visit places.


Thailand Grand Palace bangkok

Thailand has always had my eye. It’s one of the countries that receive a lot of tourists like Indonesia. The legendary Sky Bar at Lebua, State Tower which was seen in the movie The Hangover 2. A tall building with a mesmerizing view and experience. I can imagine this can cost some money.

But in all honesty I would prefer to avoid Bangkok and go other places.

Chiang Mai

I have seen Buddhist temples before. But I hear this just tops everything in the world when it comes to the Buddhist culture. Bigger than life-sized statues, gold and brass statues. I wonder what I will eat when I am in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai travel destination


Not just any other tropical place. It’s Phuket! A lively nightlife and colorful markets. Beaches to relax and chill with the family. Want to see a statue under the sea? Then diving is an option for this place.

I want to learn to cook Thai food here, as it is a good place to learn this! Will come in handy for my Youtube channel to add Thai cuisine.

Mae Hong Son

About 240km from Chiang Mai, near the Myanmar border is Mae Hong Son. A mountainous place and very picturesque. The morning market offers plenty of Thai and Burmese things to shop for.

The Jong Kham Lake in the center is somewhere to come and relax. And just enjoy the little things in life (like being able to travel there post-pandemic).

Koh Samui

A dreamy island in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s an inexpensive trip (it’s still relative to what people earn though), for beaches, palm trees and relaxing.

It used to be a popular place because it has 15 beaches (all different), and plenty of food to try. Relax here before going back to the busy Thai cities.

Nakhon Ratchasima

Nakjon Ratschasima, a province away from the city or beach life is great for culture, art and history. I expect more of Thai village life here. And there is a cave to visit, Wat Phayap. This cave contains a rock collection of a monk! A world-famous rock collection it must be if people go there. So I want to go there too.

On purpose I have not listed Pattaya (Beach). I hear this city of sin is not something to my taste. Maybe I will write why I choose not to go to Pattaya sometime later.


Vietnam travel destination in asia

Just because of the Vietnamese food I have tried I want to visit. Enjoy the experience, culture and food there. I have done little check-up on Vietnam but these are the places I hope to visit there.

  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Ha Long Bay
  • Hanoi

I want to add 2 more and I will after some more investigation about Vietnam! All I know is that their food is very tasty, delicious. A country where food was enough reason for me to visit!

Honorable mentions

There are many more travel destinations in Asia. I just don’t know where to start. But let’s just go over the honorable mentions.


More than half of this blog is about Indonesia. The article topic are my dream destinations in Asia, but since I am already here in Bali I think I can only add it to the honorable mentions for my readers. 🙂

Indonesia has many Islands to discover. The most popular one, Bali was a frequent visited island. Now we’re waiting until September 11th for Bali to reopen.


I wrote about 10 safe places to visit after the pandemic. Bhutan is amongst them. Great cultural experience in a negative CO2 emission country. Mountainous, visual area. I only expect a grasp of awe here.

So are you thinking about visiting any of these destinations? Are there any destinations in Asia that you think I missed. There must be plenty that I have missed. But leave a comment and I might add it to the Honorable mentions at least with your website.

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