How to get the cheapest taxi at Bali Airport

Bali Airport Taxi

This guide will tell you how to get a taxi or cab in Bali in different possible ways. There are many people waiting outside the airport. A lot of people are there to pick someone who made an appointment and some are there to offer a ride. Once you leave the airport as a tourist, … Read more

Cost of Living in Bali updated for 2023

cost of living in Bali

So you’ve been thinking about relocating to Bali? People often ask me what are the true costs of living in Bali. As somebody who lives here (like a local) but knows many of the prices and options out there, I will give you a comprehensive and detailed overview in this article about the cost of … Read more

Bali scooter rental and motorbike tips, Do’s en Don’ts [2023]

Bali Scooter Rental

Updated: 10-08-2023 When you look at pictures of the amazing vacations and adventures of someone in Bali, you see that they’ve rented a scooter. With this scooter, they’ve traveled around the island, showcasing the beautiful beaches and the flora and fauna of Bali. Not only that, you will see many tourists on scooters and motorbikes … Read more

Mount Batur sunrise hike. #1 Best view of Bali. Review, price and tips

Bali Mount Batur sunrise trek

The Mount Batur sunrise trek is a popular and rewarding experience in Bali, Indonesia. It offers stunning views of the sunrise and surrounding landscapes. The trek starts from the base of the mountain and takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach the summit. You’ll hike through the dense forest, rugged terrain, and steep slopes … Read more

Where and when to go scuba diving in Bali

scuba diving in Bali

Bali is a popular destination to try scuba diving for the first time or get a PADI (license). The underwater world is amazing to visit and see. Scuba Diving in Bali offers great places: reefs, coral gardens, many fish, turtles, manta bay, mola-mola and sometimes dolphins. Without any license, you can still scuba dive up … Read more

7 Best Bali Swings – The famous and safe (2023)

Bali Swing 2023

The giant swings in Bali took social media to the next level. Everything captured in that one moment looked amazing on everyone’s Instagram picture. The green and tropical scenery. One or even two people on the swing above the green abyss. And not to forget amazing tropical weather with blue skies. Some would plan a … Read more