Why you should eat Salak

salak snake fruit

Salak is a fruit native to Indonesia and now grown in multiple countries in Southeast Asia. Another name for it is Snakefruit, this is because of the skin. If you are new to this fruit it can be getting used to a new taste, just don’t give up too fast. Salak contains potassium, iron, calcium, … Read more

Balinese Culture: Food at the birthday

Balinese Lawar buffet

In the morning of a random Friday when I just went out of the house, 2 of my neighbors approached me. They have invited me to a birthday for the next day. They told me that there will be lawar (Typical Balinese food). I became very excited and started making plans so I could attend … Read more

Best 15 food dishes in Bali that you should try

bali food

Food in Bali has tastes from all over the world! But I’m more interested in presenting the local food from Indonesia and Bali. Tasting the local cuisine is experiencing some of the cultures. I want to point out, I tried eating at many places, and the most authentic tastes do come from a warung. Restaurants … Read more

Bali with a baby, Travel Tips

Bali with a baby Travel Tips

Bali is a popular tourist destination for everyone. That also means the family with a baby. But is Bali safe and baby/child-friendly? Yes, it certainly is. The locals love babies, they give special attention to you in restaurants, hotels, or just outside taking a walk. Baby rental equipment in Bali When you travel to Bali … Read more

This Is Why Indonesia For Tourism Is So Famous in 2019

Indonesian map as flag

Nearly 16 million tourists came to Indonesia in 2018. Every year the tourism has been increasing. Thus making Indonesia a famous country to visit for tourists. (source: The Jakarta Post) Indonesia consists of many islands, 17000 approximately. But there are only a few places that the tourists come to visit. Not all the touristic destinations in … Read more