Bali Safari Marine Park pandemic experience and review

Bali Safari Marine Park Review Experience

We visited the Bali Safari Marine Park for a family trip recently. This park was closed for several months because of the coronavirus pandemic. Steps were made to ensure the safety of both guests and staff. Despite the virus not showing any slowdown, we decided to go and take safety measures of our own. Read … Read more

Culture shocks in Bali Indonesia

great weather in Indonesia for tourists

It’s 2020, people haven’t been able to travel or go on vacation for a while now. It’s only a matter of when we can travel again, that’s when many first timers will visit Bali. It used to have hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, more than several millions a year. Every first-timer gasps in … Read more

11 Business & startup opportunities. Making money in Bali Indonesia 2023

Business ideas companies to start in Bali

The tourism returned and the business in Bali is Booming (a lot!) I am writing this in Septemner 2023 and this high season of tourism was surprisingly busy. With this comes more opportunities. People are looking for business opportunities. A way to earn an income and get by. Especially in Bali, a nice tropical paradise … Read more

Arak Bali (Indonesia) – All you need to know!

Arak Indonesia

Last updated: 09-08-2023 The tax law from Indonesia makes alcohol consumption pretty costly. Especially on a tourist island such as Bali where beers, cocktails and spirits are drank often. Because of the costs involved, locals in Bali (and Indonesia) reinvented Arak, a local distilled drink. The alcohol percentage varies in the drink between 30% – … Read more

Dogs of Bali: 5 facts you never knew about them

Bali Dogs

We call them mankind’s best friend, 4-legged companion, or just a dog. Whatever you call them I want to tell you about the Dogs of Bali because they deserve special attention and love! Currently, I own 2 Balinese dogs and both of them are rescue dogs from the street. Today 19th June 2020 I actually … Read more