12 Reasons to visit Bali Indonesia at least once. What did the tourists say?

Bali is the most popular tourist destination of 2019 according to TripAdvisor. So what does this island make so popular and why should you visit this island? Well from listening to frequent Bali visitors and first-timers I’ve composed 12 reasons to visit Bali.

Interesting fact: 6,511,610 travelers visited Bali in 2018 (source: Gapura Bali)

Why should you visit Bali at least once?

This was the question I’ve asked the tourists that were near the end of their vacation. The answers were very different, some were just looking for a vacation getaway from work and others really wanted to come here to explore. I’ve split up the reasons for first time to Bali and those returning to Bali.

The beaches

Sunset Surfing at kuta beach
Sunset surfers at Kuta Beach Adnandros from Pixabay

Some countries do not have beaches like Bali. Or there are beaches but it ain’t for swimming due to weather or location. Now you might think that the beaches of Bali are all overcrowded. This is not true. Bali has secluded beaches that require a bit more effort to go to. Most people that stay in Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak only experience the crowded beaches. Need help finding a beach? Check this story on the Best Beaches of Bali for sunbathing, surfing and swimming.

Sunny weather

great weather in Bali Indonesia for tourists

A frequent answer as a reason to visit Bali is the weather. It has tropical weather that attracts people longing for the sun. It does not get cold even when it rains. Some tourists would just go to this Island to escape the cold country or winter they’re having at home. Sip from a young coconut on the beach enjoying the sun with feet in the sand. TIP: do use sunscreen and avoid getting sunburns.


Bali Indonesian Culture dance

It’s not surprising that one of the reasons to visit Bali is the culture. Bali is also known as the island of gods. With the majority being Hindu and all the ceremonies going on, it is a big happening to see and experience these. The island of gods has a beautiful culture that would enrich experience and understanding. Some temples are world-famous: Tanah Lot, Besakih Temple and Bedugul. The culture can be experienced by watching a dance, listening to music (Gamelan), submerge yourself in the everyday life of this beautiful island.


Reason to visit food with a view

I am not kidding, the food here is so delicious. Food in Bali is inspired by many influences and countries. There are local dishes native but also food from Indonesia itself. Try the seafood market, or street food and be amazed by the rich flavors. Recommended read: Food you should try in Bali.

World-Class Hotels, Resorts and Villas for a fraction of a price

Reason to visit Bali cheap hotels and resorts

Balinese hotels are of high standards and a mere 3-star hotel is already very luxurious. There are so many accommodations in Bali that they’re competitively priced in order to get the guest. Almost all accommodations have a swimming pool, airconditioning, and WiFi. Fine and luxury places are not expensive and they’re all over the island. Even more secluded places where it is nice and quiet place to stay can be very luxurious.


Reason to visit Bali visiting Tempels

We just talked about temples, but also the natural landscapes are amazing. You can go hiking mount Batur and experience the wonders of a sunrise. Visit Tegalang rice terraces or Jatiluwih to see the vast green rice paddies. See the beauty of a waterfall (and you can swim at some). The island is filled with photo opportunities and jawdropping sights. You can not skip sightseeing when you visit Bali.

Because it was recommended by a friend

Not uncommon but we all have someone we know that has talked about their vacation in Bali. Looking at their pictures online or offline makes you curious about a place right. Amazing sights, fun things to do and beautiful accommodations. First-timers do visit because it was actually recommended by a friend.

Diving and snorkel opportunities

Reason to visit Bali snorkeling

Some places in Bali have excellent conditions: clear and calm water. This makes a good reason to visit Bali for divers and snorkel enthusiasts. There is a place called the Manta Bay where manta rays come. The Liberty shipwreck is north is situated in the North and can be seen for those snorkeling and diving. There are also some coral regrowth projects going on, one is at Pemuteran (North-West) which has been running for years. Great place for snorkeling to see lively corals and an easy access to Menjangan Island (Deer Island)

Needed to get away from work

Sometimes you just need to take a break/vacation from work. There are many places to go and unwind. A lot of people chose Bali to escape work and just relax. Enjoy the sun, warm weather and all the great things the island has to offer. Relax with a massage and everything to just forget work for a while. It is very easy to forget work when you are here.

Reasons that people return for another visit to Bali

It is not uncommon that a lot of people come back for another visit. This is because it is a great place to go to. But why and what are the reasons people come back? Well, I’ve asked and got some of the answers.

The previous vacation was too short to explore enough of Bali

The previous visit makes the people fall in love with Bali. There are a lot of things to do and see. When tourists visit for the first time they discover so many new things. There was no anticipation of these newly discovered things. There are simply too many places to go and too little time. So people come back to do new things and explore more of Bali.

Accessible and tourist-friendly

Having a private driver touring you is very easy. Either use the Grab app or somebody always knows somebody to drive around. This makes it easy going around the island, and there are accommodations everywhere. The island is transformed into a paradise for tourists. With a lot of people speaking at least English, guides do also speak French, German, Japanese, Russian and the list goes on. So people can be more comfortable when they’re coming back and taking a tour in their native language.

Made new friends from Bali

Making friends is not hard. Keeping contact can be a bit of a challenge, especially when going back to your home country and the distance does not make it any easier. But when you made a friend it’s also nice to see them when you visit again. Surf together, or go hiking with each other. New made friends do also help with advice and tell you how to make a booking here and there. When you need some help, they often ask their network and really make an effort to help you out. Besides that, they love it when people do come again to visit the island.

Plenty of reasons to visit Bali

There are a lot of reasons to visit Bali. Have you considered coming to Bali, or did you already go and want to come back? Tell me about it in the comments.

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