During the quarantine, this is what I am doing. Learning 2 new skills! Stay Positive

Jokowi mentioned to learn a new skill or improve on current ones in an article during the quarantine (source). Taletravels.com is more about travel, and as a travel agent in Bali with this virus going around I was unsure what to do. My content has dropped severely but my visitor count has been increasing!

In the past month, I have seen many people lose their jobs, friends, neighbors, and almost everyone working in a tourist related area. Next to that, we are dealing with a spread going on in Indonesia like most countries are facing. So to do as much for the healthcare system, we stay at home, learning and sharpening skills.

What did I improve and learn during quarantine?

There are several things I had to deal with, especially motivation for the site. Also, it isn’t going well with work which wasn’t good for my motivation. So dealing with this was also a mental challenge. Improving on that actually came by itself by sharpening current skills, and learning new skills.

Keyword and SEO analyses

Since the existence of my blog, I have always been improving this. I have been looking at what to write about, strategizing what content to add. Over the past year, I have become familiar with many tools and have now a work process.

I have been reading about bloggers earning this and that, I have noticed even with writing and releasing constant content, I would not even come close to what these people are getting. But I understand more now, some are just saying things, and without backing it up, I realize many people just tell themself and you a bunch of lies. I will soon write an article about SEO Blogging.

In any case from choosing a topic, keywords and, structure of an article, estimate how much words this is, and what information is given in the article to the reader is something I have specialized in.

I am happy to say I feel confident, even though travel is advised against, people still look for information on the internet. Most likely to prepare a trip after the pandemic. It’s good to look forward to something.

Do you want any free SEO consulting? For technical and on-page SEO I do feel like I am capable. I have helped my blog from the ground up to have daily readers and rank on page 1 for multiple keywords. This is only rising every time. Ask me about this at contact@taletravels.com

YouTube videos

For my regular visitors, you have noticed I have been adding cooking recipe videos. I have been making videos about cooking and how to make certain dishes. My Youtube channel is slowly growing. I had to learn how to shoot videos, edit them and publish. It was a whole learning process. I have now got 7 videos on my YouTube channel called My Asian Kitchen. I will invest more time learning this challenge during the quarantine. In any case, feel welcome to give me feedback and do please like and subscribe.

So what is it exactly what I am doing during the quarantine

I hope to make a sustainable passive income with this. I currently can’t earn from my affiliate as I sell tours in Bali and it is my only income, it is time to look into the digital world to make a little bit extra.

Picking up 1 skill is already time-consuming I am doing 2! I hope we can make it.

Stay at home during the pandemic, help the health care system! flatten the curve. Stay at home and learn a new skill, there is so much we can do at home to improve ourselves.

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