Kedondong pickled sweet and sour recipe. Step-by-step easy! (Ambarella aka Spondias dulcis)

Pickle Kedondong

This fruit has so many names and grows in various tropical countries all over the world. To see the known names I suggest this wiki page about Ambarella. For me, in Indonesia, it’s called Kedondong, and I am going to pickle it. Spoiler alert: DELICIOUS! This recipe is called manisan kedondong in Indonesia. Time to … Read more

Nyipeng (Nyepi) for another 3 days in Bali. How to prepare for the 3-day lockdown/isolation

UPDATE: 8 April 2020 Nyipeng is canceled more on this at or,Hasil-Rapat-PHDI-dan…html It is encouraged to stay at home and keep a social distance from each other. A form of Nyepi is coming again. It’s called Nyipeng. The government of Bali has asked and is encouraging its citizens to stay at home for … Read more

How to make Dalgona Coffee (with a fork). A Korean delight and perfect as a dessert.

Dalgona Coffee has taken social media by storm. Many people made this coffee as it is simple and easy! It now started as a #quarantinechallange. Not going out for your normal latte before your work routine is now solved! Make your own delicious coffee, a Korean version of it. Please also subscribe to my YouTube … Read more

TaleTravels news: April 2020

TaleTravels news April 2020

This travel and food blog took a whole turn. There is of course almost no interest in traveling which 80% of my content is. I have had the plan to add food recipes and cooking videos on my blog as well. The dishes are mostly Indonesian and it’s a whole different way of making content. … Read more