Best hotels in Amsterdam above 100$ per night (updated for 2020)

Best hotels in Amsterdam

Spare no costs on the luxury feel with great service and clean accommodation. For any special occasion from birthday to a honeymoon, romantic getaway or even work-related, these are the best hotels in Amsterdam. They have got the thing that would make the guests feel good about their stay despite the expenses. The more expensive … Read more

Best bars in Amsterdam. For every occasion a place to drink updated for 2020

Best Bars in Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam without going to a bar inside Amsterdam, is like not seeing any of the canals. Unless you’re underage than it’s understandable. The drinking age for beer is 18 and strong drinks 21 in The Netherlands. Yes, this is enforced. But don’t come with the excuse of being alcohol-free person, because there are … Read more

Canal Cruise Amsterdam – which boat company is the best? updated 2020

Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Most people visiting Amsterdam will go take the canal cruise of Amsterdam. It’s one of the most popular activities you can do in Amsterdam. Since 2010, the canals of Amsterdam is a recognized UNESCO heritage site. The experience is meant for everyone: young and old. You can take this tour for different reasons: Learn more … Read more

All Vegetarian Meals by Qatar Airways

Qatar AIrways Vegetarian Meals

In 4 long haul flights from Qatar Airways, I requested vegetarian meals. I don’t like the taste of airplane meat that much (it’s like rubber, and tasteless). This is because the elevation causes the taste to change a little bit. Interested in a review about Qatar Airways Economy Class? It’s about service, cleanliness, and comfort, … Read more

7 Best Bali Swings – The famous and safe (2023)

Bali Swing 2023

The giant swings in Bali took social media to the next level. Everything captured in that one moment looked amazing on everyone’s Instagram picture. The green and tropical scenery. One or even two people on the swing above the green abyss. And not to forget amazing tropical weather with blue skies. Some would plan a … Read more

2020 Future of TaleTravels Travel blog and more

TaleTravels main image

First: We wish you a happy new year! Hi! This is the first news about TaleTravels. We’ve started this Travel Blog on 14th September 2019. From that moment until 31st December 2019 we’ve released 43 stories mainly about Amsterdam, Bali, and Yogyakarta. Our main page is now updated as well to be more like an … Read more

Michelin Star Restaurants near Amsterdam

Michelin star food outside of Amsterdam

Just slightly outside of Amsterdam there are mention-worthy Restaurants. These are the 4 closest Restaurants to Amsterdam with a Michelin star. No worries, Amsterdam itself has over 20 Michelin starred restaurants. Those will be mentioned in another post. This is just for now if you plan to go outside of Amsterdam to change the scenery … Read more