Spicy potato recipe with chicken liver. 4 Super Delicious servings!

Spicy potato recipe

Let’s start getting creative with cooking. This popular spicy potato recipe is originally from Indonesia. It is called “Kentang goreng sambel”, and it just might be something one can be craving for. If you like spicy foods, then this is a must-try. it’s a high-calorie guilty pleasure dish. Please also subscribe to my YouTube channel, … Read more

Bali and Coronavirus COVID-19

coronavirus covid-19

It is without a doubt from sources as WHO indonesia and World of Meters Corona Indonesia that COVID positive people (which is not a good sign) is rapidly increasing. There have already been several victims here right in Bali: French victim died on a busy street and a British lady in a resort Currently what … Read more

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bali. Only meat-free top places Updated 2020

bali vegetarian vegan restaurants

There is a worldwide movement going on. More and more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan. The trend is visible in restaurants that serve more vegetarian dishes. Some places would exclusively serve meat-free dishes. This article helps you find those restaurants in Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta and Ubud that would only serve vegetarian or vegan dishes. … Read more

Pemuteran Bali Travel Guide updated for 2023

Pemuteran bali Guide

Hey there! Let me whisk you away to Pemuteran, Bali’s hidden coastal treasure. Nestled in the northwest, this village is a haven of peace, far from the well-trodden tourist paths. Imagine a place where the pace is deliciously slow, letting you soak up every second of your day. Pemuteran’s tale is one of triumph over … Read more

How to make green bean sprouts (Tauge)

How to make green bean sprouts

The first recipe I am going to release is an easy and simple one. This is for making green bean sprouts or also known as tauge. Instead of buying this in the supermarket I thought it would be nicer and also better to have it fresh for my dish after. With the tauge grown from … Read more